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Instagram is going towards success every year in its full pace, and things will only get better as we’re experiencing the best. Instagram has turned into the most significant marketing frontier, assisting both big and small businesses in new traffic every day. It has a different mode of upbeat vibe, and the visual focus is classic on this platform, which is mostly adored by the users. 


However, even after many years of well-received following, Instagram has some major hidden features which are not known even to the people widely active on this platform. These secrets are there to discover and appreciate by the users worldwide.


In this article, we have compiled some fascinating tips and tricks which most Instagrammers use to elevate their profile. 


Tips & Tricks For Instagram

These are some of the fascinating tips that you must try on Instagram

  • Adding a unique effect to your post
  • Save your common responses by creating shortcuts
  • Wipeout search history
  • Promote your dedicated hashtags
  • Make proper use of your hashtags 
  • Utilize the diverse angles and layouts
  • Being active will get you anything
  • Give a personalized touch to your stories
  • Make use of links and landing pages


Add A Unique Effect to Your Post 

If you want followers to be inspired by your profile, you have to take advantage of Instagram as a visual-friendly platform. Try to maintain a similar photography style and choose a filter to make it your signature, giving your posts a major consistency. It will provide you an assurance to get your feed instantly recognizable and distinctive. Also, It will help you to get more Instagram followers and likes on your posts.

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Also, make sure to replicate the visual identity of your brand within the same platform. It involves adopting similar fonts, colors, and picture-style to give a consistent experience to your brand so that you can channel to other platforms.


Save Your Common Responses by Creating Shortcuts 

Instagram makes it easier for iOS to deal with their consumer interaction in the most efficient way. If you have an iPhone, you should know this amazing option to save your frequently used feedback, messages, and responses. 


It allows the user to compile some comments that he thinks he’s going to respond with commonly. Thus, every time any such message comes up, you have to type the first word, and the entire sentence will be automatically corrected. This amazing feature can save your money big time. 


Wipeout Your Search History

Everyone has a weird search history, and nobody is there to judge others. However, if you are afraid that your friends might get caught by searching pictures of a unicorn, then erase the history right now.


You have to ensure that no one finds out what you’ve been searching on the Instagram search bar and show yourself clean by sweeping your search history. 


Promote Your Dedicated Hashtag 

You have to create a prominent hashtag for your brand. But that’s not all; you also have to promote it wisely on different platforms worldwide. Brands or individuals don’t generally know the correct use of hashtags. You have to make sure they use it the right way and share relevant content about you.

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You should print these hashtags on your receipt, or you can also print it on your advertisements. You can introduce it to your influencers and show it prominently on the events held by your brand. You can also tell your followers directly to use it for integrating offline and online campaigns.


Utilize Diverse Angles and Layout

Instagram provides you a special application for fixing your profile’s layout and changing the angles of your pictures. This way, you can create fascinating montages specifically ideal for posting stepwise tutorials and adding a sequence of images. For creating personalized images or fonts for the stories, you can also use featured layout applications.


Being Active Will Get You Anything

Another amazing tip for attracting more followers and getting on the Explore page of Instagram feed is being active as frequently as possible. You will look at it as an easy to accomplish a task; however, it is what the authorities mostly look into a profile before approving the monetization. You should try staying active regularly and consistently with posting and commenting on different accounts. This will help you attract more engagement, dropping you easy monetization.


You can like other people’s posts in a random order, but it will not benefit you in any way. However, if you strategically do that, you can keep an eye on your opponent, giving them narrow chances to go ahead. 


Give A Personalized Touch to Your Stories 

Who doesn’t love colors? Everyone wants their Instagram story to be trendy and stylish. Especially, when you are running a business, giving a customized touch to everything that promotes your products and services, including your posts and stories.

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Use a standard color scheme for making your story colorful, you can easily change the hues for the letters separately, making a unicorn horn or implement rainbow color sneaking under your words. This will help your interactions with people more and observe a clear increase in engagement ratio.


Make Use of Links and Landing Pages

People use Instagram posts presumably to encourage more followers or motivate them into doing things that could either be signing up to your newsletter, buying a product, entering into a competition, discovering an ebook, or reading a blog. It doesn’t matter what you do; you have to ensure that you have a proper and accurate landing page for your website. The landing is necessary for attracting several audiences, which will attract them for following your entire action.


Here are some of the best tips and tricks for using Instagram that will make you lift your profiles, posts, and stories.

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