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In the current, we all are facing the covid- 19 storms, many industries are moving towards the economic crisis. F&B industry suffers a lot, it has been a total disaster, and many hotels and restaurant closed never to return. Millions of people in the F&B industry have lost jobs and facing the worst economic crises. All these indications are the real consequences of the covid 19 crisis. Following the pandemic, the F&B sectors are following the new trends for there growth. The market will keep rising and become a vital part of the ethos of the food industry.

Sit down dining is Dwindling consumers were choosing to grab F&B on the run. Cleanliness is crucial consumers wants to be reassured that hotels F&B service undergo cleaning and sanitization on a going basis. Based on the current scenario, F&B sectors adopted some changes for the growth as well as for consumer satisfaction. Hotels and restaurant are providing grab and go and self-service, they are adopting the cloud technology and machine algorithms, which enhances the efficiency of restaurant operations. Quick service restaurant and feast casual will take over the standalone markets, each featuring minimum layers of staff but still providing decent experience in their related segment.

Hotels and restaurant increasingly use high-speed ovens,sous-vide techniques and another versatile cooking method that offer consistent levels of performance while simplifying cooking process allowing for small kitchens and requiring less staff. Tech explosion, use of the app and mobile websites are used for contactless services.
Seamless technology is used nowadays, many hotels groups are offering mobile check-in and digital concierge services, as well as digital menus, are used in the restaurant for contactless service. Guest can Scan the QR code in the restaurant and find the menu on their mobile screen. Many hotels and restaurant are using the robot to deliver room service also.

Hotels and restaurant ensure that people eat the fresh ingredient which they are purchasing for the local market. Zero waste Initiatives measurement is also adopted banning of disposable straws, plastic water bottles and single-use of coffee cups. Vegetarian menus or we can say flexitarians menus are on high demand as well as Instagram able meals which are trendy, visually appealing food and drink are offered to consumers. Food which causes allergens and irritants are being replaced from the menu such as dairy product, gluten-free diets, nutritious, safe, ethically sourced foods are provided by the F&B sectors nowadays.
At last F&B sector going global, food from Korea, Hawaii, Portugal, Japan, Middle east are going popular nowadays.

The consumer wants food that fit their wellness goals; many choose courgetti in place of pasta, cauliflower for rice and lettuce for wraps. Maturing adult value food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids,b vitamins and antioxidants such as oily fish and leafy greens to boost brainpower. Fermented beverages and teas in the menu make a large difference in the current situation. The demand for green or green efforts by hotels and restaurant will make sustainable business in future.

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