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Do you ever get this overwhelming feeling when you are standing in front of your wardrobe, and it is full of clothes and yet you have nothing to wear? Yep, we have been there too, and it happens more often than we would want it to.

There are so many other things you are worried about when you are heading out, and what you should wear shouldn’t be one of them; and besides, if you do not dress up the way you had decided in your head, it just ruins your day.

Imagine every time you open your closet, and you will easily find something flattering to wear. Yep, that can happen. You just have to stick with us till the end of this article to know-how.

Only keep clothes that fit you

Firstly, remember this is going to be a long task so take time out for this now you will have to organize heaps of clothes, but the first thing you should do is take out those fitted jeans that you have been holding onto for years thinking one day you will fit into it you will not so put that aside.

Honestly, ask yourself am I going to use this? There are so many clothing items that you have kept for alterations, or you are waiting for weight loss or gain to fit into them. These items just clutter your wardrobe take them out, and give them to someone deserving.

That will declutter your wardrobe and also make you happy because you made someone else’s day.

Try a 40-Hanger Closet

Most of you will have a 3 door wardrobe which means enough space to store things, so you can dedicate one section for hanging clothes. The 40 hanger closet theory is only having 40 pieces of clothing because even that will give you many options, and you do not have to skim through so many items. Everything will be hanged in front of you, and you will not worry about not being able to find your favorite t-shirt. However, this number will give you many choices. You can alter it according to you and change it to 45 or 50 or even 35 that completely depends on you and your routine.

Define your Style

You will feel more confident and look more flattering if you wear clothes that reflect your personality. You will have to experiment with different pieces before finding your style, but better late than never; this way, you will also not buy every piece of clothing that is in trend because different things work for different people.

There are chances that a neon tank top can look flattering on somebody else and absolutely a disaster on you, so after you figure out what your style is, you will find yourself mixing and matching most of the time. Since you will not have a wide range of clothes in your closet, this practice will be good for your purse.

You will finally be able to buy things that are not clothes. Trust me, and you will be happy once you start practicing this.


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