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Do you want to become a director? Okay! But do you want to become a good director?


In this case, avoid limiting yourself to what you may have learned on the school benches, and follow the following four practical tips:


Do you want to become a good director? It may sound silly, but the first piece of advice is to watch movies the right way. That is to say with an active and not a passive eye. Try to be aware of all of the director’s many biases. How does he manage his emotions through his aesthetic biases? You can find great movies at ocean of movies.

Observe carefully:

How the stories are visually told?

The positions and movements of the camera to obtain a particular effect;

Plan values;

The decorations etc.

The light

Also pay attention to the sound. You might be surprised at the amount of information (footsteps, background music, etc.) that the soundtrack will give you in addition to the dialogue; information which will allow you to enter more into the spirit of the real and to better understand the scenario, the film.

The idea here is to break down the film and capture the many small elements. You will then become a master in the art of deconstructing and reconstructing films as you wish.

You will have more ease in understanding cinematic grammar and using it for your own projects

In addition to the aesthetic form, study captivating film scenarios. Practice the task. Become a master of storytelling. You will increase your chances of becoming a good director.

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Let us move on to the 2nd tip.


The 2nd advice to follow if you want to become a good director is to train you in the art. Why?

Among other activities, the real, in collaboration with the technical team, will take charge of choices such as those related to the camera, those related to the lighting environment, those related to the soundtrack and editing.

For these choices to be effective, relevant, and to contribute to the making of a film that sticks to the scenario and brings it to life, the real must integrate, in its decisions, the constraints linked to the technical aspects.

But how can he achieve this if he has no practice of image, camera, light, sound, post-production?

It’s true, as a director, you have to master the writing of the script as well as the technical cutting. But you have to go much further. You must know how to master the sound environment, have a good working knowledge of cinema lighting techniques, understand how to stabilize the image, know when to use the objective camera, etc.

A good realist, with a few rare exceptions, must know and understand the technique even if he will be less than the technician around him …

To be blue in this field would be like having a business manager who only masters the marketing aspects of his business and understands nothing of the technical aspects such as production, accounting, and inventory management. Sooner or later, such shortcomings will lead him to make bad decisions; which will have an impact on the overall result, therefore, in our case, on the film obtained!

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Let us find out now the 3rd Board.


Do you want to become a good director? In this case, you need to become a good manager.

You see, the real is the conductor, the one who interacts with many people. If you want to have a complete view, read The Profession of Film Director

A good director tells himself to clearly explain what he wants and therefore to interact with the decorator, direct the actors, position the cameraman, give him instructions, supervise the editing of the film, the sound design etc.

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Therefore, if he is not good at management, he will make mistakes; and they will have a disastrous impact on the film. Especially since most of the people who read, the articles make self-produced films and people don’t get paid. We therefore need even more managerial skills to manage volunteers

Take for example the direction of the actors. It is a task so delicate, so sensitive that poorly executed, it can lead the actors to miss their game; and in the process of accomplishing such a task, it will happen that the real has to manage tensions between two actors or between an actor and himself (and it even happens often).

If you want to learn more about how to manage actors, read Succeeding in Acting Leadership . There you will find 12 keys that will help you master this crucial skill to become a good director.

And, for all intents and purposes, I recommend that you study and practice classics of leadership and management such as 2How To Make Friends2 and 2How To Find The Leader In You 2, both from Dale Carnegie, the father of human relations.

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Now to the 4th Board.


If you want to become a good director , take action. This is the 4 th and final tip in this list.

The group of words “Take action” has two meanings here:

1st  : follow the 3 tips outlined above;

The 2nd  : if you read the biographies of the greatest (Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, etc.), you will realize that they come from various horizons and have not had the same background, but that they have a one thing in common: they didn’t procrastinate about their dreams of becoming a director .

They got up, made short films (some of the very bad ones at first), went to offer their services on film sets, started as an assistant, got noticed, etc.

Of course, things are not that simple; and what James Cameron meant by that is that you have to take action if you want to become one day a good director.

There you have it, do you have any experience to share with us on how to become a good director? If so, please do so in the comments below!

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