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Wondering what is social ecommerce? With the increase in the use of social media platforms, the average time that a social media user spends on it has also been rising with passing time. And the more people will adopt social media as part of their daily routine, the better it will be for the marketers. 

This is turning social media into a social ecommerce store. Want to know how? Read this blog to find the answer!

Social eCommerce – The New Age Shopping Venue

Bridging the gap between social and eCommerce, ‘Social eCommerce’ sells products directly through various social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

With gaining popularity continuously amongst all the small and big global brands, this trend of online marketing will become more useful & powerful in the coming times. 

Social ecommerce is unlocking the doors of numerous opportunities like streamlining the user funnel, increase in sales and more gets unlocked with social ecommerce for brands.

The best part is that users can “Add” the product into the cart and make a purchase without ever leaving the social media platform.

5 Best Tools To Leverage Social eCommerce

We have curated a list of 4 perfect social commerce solutions to take help from, so that you can increase sales & revenue of your brand’s products. 


Being the biggest social media networks all across the globe, Facebook offers an built-in social commerce solution called Facebook Shops

This feature allows brands to showcase & sell products not only on Facebook but also on Instagram. If simply put, anyone can browse through these products easily and shop the product they like.

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Again the Facebook Shop feature demands for 2 things mainly to set it up: 

  • A Facebook business page
  • A supported page template 

As soon as you are done with these 2 things, you can get your first product listed. The best part is that these Facebook Shops are customizable with the help featured collections.


In the year 2018, Instagram which is said to be the hub of user-generated content has launched a new feature called “Shoppable Posts”

With the help of this feature, users can not only tag 5 products per post. Also users can shop via this platform without leaving the app.

Also with customizable text color, brands can add 1 product sticker to their Instagram story.

But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while leveraging Instagram’s Shoppable Posts. 

  • You must have a business page to access this feature
  • And a product catalog linked with a Facebook page

Once you fulfill all the major requirements and your application is reviewed. You can then add 5 product tags per post.

Some of the big eCommerce platforms that have been taking advantage of Instagram’s shoppable posts are BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Many of you must be unaware of Pinterest Shoppable Pins but they have been around for a couple of years now.

If simply put, once you set up ‘Buyable Pins’, Pinterest buyers to make purchases without leaving the app. 

There are a few steps that the buyers need to follow to purchase the pinned products:

  • On the buyable pin, select the “Add to Bag” option.
  • From your Pinterest shopping bag, click on “Check Out”to make the payment.
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(Please Note: Payments can be done on the Pinterest website either via credit card or Apple Pay.)

Speaking of the benefits of Pinterest Buyable Pins, they keep the sellers happy and allow them to sell their products to the vast audience. 

Also, these shoppable pins let the platform keep the audience engaged. So that more visitors on Pinterest buy the pinned products.


Popularly known as one of the best UGC platforms, Taggbox Commerce is the latest product of Taggbox. Keeping all the needs of eCommerce brands and to offer a seamless purchase experience to the customers, Taggbox Commerce has been designed. 

This tool helps in converting user-generated content into shoppable. So that customers can buy all the products that they see in a social media post, that also in real-time. 

It can be leveraged on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and more. It can be also integrated with websites. 

This social ecommerce platform comes with a lot of benefits including building brand trust & credibility, increasing sales & revenue, growing audience reach and more.


Designed with simplicity, ‘Foursixty’ is another social ecommerce platform that focuses on selling more products. 

It not only allows you to turn your Instagram content and UGC into shoppable galleries, but secure UGC rights and track insights. 

You can showcase these shoppable galleries for your online store and other marketing channels like websites, emails etc.


After reading this blog, you’ll be sure of one thing and that is the year 2020 and the coming years of the digital marketing world will be dedicated to Social eCommerce.