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The rumour going around is true and proven. Computers and other digital devices cause severe eye problems, one of them being eye-strain and headache. Growing concerns among all age groups, the eye condition resulting due to screen prolong use can grow into serious disease.

We hate to accept but, limiting screen use isn’t just difficult but it’s a blooming obsession.

The average use of smartphones in the UK by the age-groups of 18-25 is up to 5 to 6 hours a day.

Aside from casual use, most people rely on screen for their jobs involving graphic, programming, coding, accounting, and several others.

Technology is so deeply integrated with our lifestyle that it’s almost impossible to separate us from using it.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can use to terminate the eye problems experienced every day. From best quality Blue light glasses in the UK to eye exercise and workplace modification, some lifestyle modification would help big time.

If you also spend hours on computer or smartphones, you’re bound to experience these problems now or later. It’s always wise to take precautions before the condition progresses in the wrong direction.

Ensure proper lightening

Oftentimes, eye-strain, and headache result due to inadequate bright light emitted from the sun or LED lights indoors. Even while using your computer screen, keep the lightening or contrast at half compared to the lightening of the room.

Try to conceal all the sources of outdoor lightning by closing your drapes, blinds or shades. Also, limit the use of LED lights or lamps when you are indoors. Adjust your computer against the windows so it just faces it.

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Wear Blue light blocking glasses

Nothing is more effective in restraining frequent eye problems from occurring than Blue light blocking glasses. Also known as Blue light glasses in the UK, are excellent in blocking high-energy blue light rays unleashed from the screens of digital screens. By blocking or reflecting their emission from the eyes, the blue light glasses successfully control the growing eye problems in many people. These glasses allow comfortable use of the digital device without experiencing any visual changes or eye problem.

Without any protection taken against limiting blue light penetration into the eyes can cause retinal damage, causing the risk of age-related macular degeneration. The glasses, on the other hand, works as a regular shield protecting your eyes whenever they are focused on the screen. Blue light is not just responsible for eye problems like eye-strain, headache, burning sensation, itchiness, blurry vision, or redness, it also causes unhealthy sleeping routines.

Working on your computer or laptop at night puts a stop to the secretion of sleep-inducing hormone melatonin by blue light rays. Once, you feel out of natural sleepiness, you tend to stay awake till late at night, feeling alert, and alert. Feeling tired, exhausted, and unproductive the next morning and causing other implications by lack of quality sleeping hours. Blue light glasses, by blocking the active penetration of blue light rays from the eyes restores the sleep-inducing hormone. It causes you to sleep at the right time and the next morning is sweeter than anything.

You’ll find quality cheap glasses online of blue light coating, available on both prescription and non-prescription lenses.


Blink More

It might not be the most-researched solution of all, but blinking helps a lot in reducing eye strain. One of the root causes of eye-strain is excessive focus or concentration at a particular object. Which we often do while staring at the screen. We fail to blink frequently, especially in the case of watching a spine-chilling thriller. Blinking also moistens the eye tear that prevents dry-eyes and irritation.

Frequent Breaks

Sitting in front of your computer screen not only exhausts your body and mind but also endangers your eyes. So try to take 20 to 15 minutes of break to walk outside or look at the nature around you. Healthy breaks are always work taking, regardless of feeling any eye problem or tiredness.

You can opt for some exercise like stretching or running around your area to create freshness of mind leading to productive ideas and innovation in work.

Reduce glare

Glares are hidden yet excessively problematic towards eye problems like eye strain, and headache. Reflected rays from your surfing are unwanted glare. Using a matte screen filter helps to eliminate glare off the screen, keeping your eyes well-protected and clear.

You can also wear anti-glare glasses. Anti-glare is a coating, similar to blue light that’s available on all kinds of prescription and non-prescription for fighting against glare. Nowadays, coatings like anti-glare are available with every glasses online, though it costs extra. you can get it for free along with other coatings like anti-scratch and anti-UV at Specscart.