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In order to optimize the conversion rate of your sales funnel, you must keep in mind all the stages that involve your sales process, from attracting the lead to completing the sale. Instead of just thinking about increasing the volume, we advise you to think about how to increase the most qualified accesses, seeking the desired customer profile. That way, conversions tend to be higher and you can earn more, taking advantage of all the potential that your business has.

We have listed below 5 strategies for conversion rate optimization of your sales funnel. Check out!

Put the consumer experience as your company’s focus

All digital strategies that you think about applying must be thought with the purpose of offering the best experience to the consumer. These strategies range from an intuitive layout and personalized content to quality service. The point here is to allow the user to feel unique.

Have a very well structured sales funnel

It is crucial that you and your sales team deeply understand your company’s sales funnel and know the conversion rates for each step, namely: visitors / leads -> leads / opportunities -> opportunities / customers.

Keep your team perfectly aligned with your goal

Once the goals of your company are defined, your entire team must focus efforts to achieve this goal, prioritizing effective digital strategies for this.

Test and analyze constantly

Carry out a continuous process of tests, analyzes and improvements in an accelerated way, to monitor the results and, when necessary, correct them as soon as possible. Remember to use Agile Marketing techniques to reach this level of agile identification of problems and respective solutions.

Make use of the right tools

To accelerate and scale your sales, use a system that allows you to closely monitor the customer’s purchase journey. Outbound software to CRM system and marketing automation become great options.

Other metrics to measure the health of your sales funnel

Here are two more metrics that allow you to assess the health of your sales funnel. The first one is Performance by salesperson . The salesperson responsible for converting the prospective lead into a customer is the key part in this step and he must fulfill his role well. A good salesperson is one who has communication, negotiation and persuasion skills, as well as full knowledge of the product or service offered.

The performance of each salesperson should be monitored closely, to identify bottlenecks in the sales process and to verify which professionals are unmotivated and need assistance. The best salespeople are those who know their sales funnels deeply. There are two main reasons for this:

They know how to deal with essential customer needs and deliver the assertive message on time;

They are able to expand their sales processes, make sales and revenue forecasts, and achieve the stipulated goals.
The second metric is Performance by product or service . If your company works with several products or services, you need to measure the results of those sales even more carefully. You must identify which product or service performs best on the market. If necessary, review the definition of your persona and the consequent purchase journey. We emphasize that having a qualified Customer Success sector is essential to increase the company’s revenue predictability and recurrence.

We know that closing a deal can take time, but we are aware that when the sales operation is done correctly, the results will not take long to appear. Have the sales funnel as your ally and enhance the financial health of your company.


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