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One time affair or not, a wedding is supposed to be special and memorable for both of you. One popular misconception that most people have is that you need to spend everything you’ve got to make the d-day special, which is not true.

You can spend the bare minimum on necessities and still make your wedding look straight out of a fairy-tale. We are absolutely not hyping this up. You don’t believe it?

Read this article and decide for yourself. Make your lake Tahoe wedding dreamy and memorable.

We’ve already given you a hint!

Make a wedding journal

These special days go by in a jiffy. You can journal your thoughts and feelings, so you can look back and cherish those feelings again. Try jotting down your emotions, this will make your feelings last long. Also, ask your spouse to journal as well. This way, you both can read each other’s journal and bond more.

You can even write a 5-year time capsule letter to your spouse. Sharing emotions is a great way to bond emotionally. Try it- you will not regret it.

Click meaningful pictures

Any wedding is incomplete without pictures. Pre-wedding and ceremonial pictures have become a ritual. It is a great way to remember this big day. However, apart from planned pictures, try clicking meaningful candid pictures throughout the ceremonies. Click pictures of you trying on your wedding attire for the first time, click pictures of the venue, basically anything and everything that you will cherish seeing later on. You can go all retro and buy disposable cameras. Give it to your guests and compile a beautiful album of all your loved ones at the wedding.

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You can also go for Tahoe lake packages of High Mountain Wedding. They provide highly professional packages including photography without breaking the budget.

Choose a meaningful venue

The venue of the wedding also plays an important role in making the ceremony memorable. Choose a venue that is close to your heart.

Beautiful scenic weddings are ethereal. Taking your vows, and saying ‘I do’ amidst mystic mountains and beaches is once in a lifetime kind of experience.

High Mountain weddings must be your first preference while looking for wedding venues. They arrange the best Lake Tahoe weddings for you. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful wedding spots on the globe. They take care of small nitty-gritty so that you can be stress-free for the entire wedding. Make your wedding memorable with High Mountain Weddings.

Curate a personalized gift box for your partner

Beginning your newly-wed life with a little surprise does no harm. Make a cute little wedding gift trousseau for your to-be husband or wife. You can include small meaningful mementos like the first love letter or ticket/poster of the first movie you watched together. You can give them anything as long as it is special and meaningful.

Recite personalized vows

Sweep your partner off their feet once again. Personalized vows will make your partner fall in love with you once again. Words are powerful when you mean them. Write heart-touching vows for your partner in the wedding way. Leave no stone unturned to make them feel loved and special. Include some special memories of you two and make it even more mesmerizing. We guarantee you they will shed happy tears.

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Weddings can be overwhelming, you experience a lot of emotions. Try to indulge in each moment. Take in as much happiness as you can. If you are worried about the arrangements, make a checklist. Hand-over the arrangements to a responsible person on your wedding day so you can enjoy each moment to its fullest. There is no joy greater than marrying the love of your life. Make sure you visit Highmountainweddings.com and they will help you plan your dream wedding.

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