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Over the years, yoga has become a popular way for millions to enjoy good health and live a life with less worry and stress. As yoga continues to gain popularity every day, the demand for qualified and certified yoga teachers has gone up. If you want to advance the yoga practice from a beginner to an advanced level then choosing the yoga teacher training in India makes sense.

With millions of individuals practicing this sacred art around the world, it is clear there is a larger demand for yoga products and services. Since all those who want to practice this sacred art would need guidance, it is here that your expertise as a yoga teacher would come in handy.

Things to Do Before Your Yoga Teacher Training in India

With that said, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning to start your career as a professional yoga teacher. Let us find out what these are.

1. Take Some Break From Yoga Practice

Although taking a break from your regular yoga practice sounds a bit strange but the yoga teacher training in India is intense on physical and mental level. It is why you need to rest before embarking on your yogic journey. Moreover, yoga teacher training is a demanding process which means you would not be able to practice complex yoga poses if your body is not ready for it.

On the other hand, if you continue doing yoga and stop just a day before your actual training begins then your risk of a yoga injury goes up which is never a good thing.

2. Be Clear With Your Intentions

The yoga teacher would normally ask your intentions behind joining the yoga teacher training course. It is important for you to set clear intentions behind joining the course and ensure you meet them. You can start the YTT course with the goal of just advancing in your current yoga practice or helping others find inner peace.

3. Gather Information on the Training

Before starting out with the yoga teacher training at one of the best yoga school in India you should have a clear understanding of yoga basics. You can read Yoga literature including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras or the Bhagwat Gita to get an insight into this ancient art beyond its physical aspect.

4. Stop With the Comparison

Opening your eyes in the midst of yoga practice and checking how others are doing the same asana is tempting. However, you should know that yoga is more about working on yourself rather than competing with others. Focus on your yoga practice and how you can perform a particular yoga asana with ease.

5. Reach the Yoga School Early

It is a bit hard for you to reach the location of the yoga teacher training in India and dive straight into the yoga sessions. Although it would be a bit hard for you to take out some time but it is necessary for you to get a taste of the food and climate of the place.


Teaching yoga to others is a big responsibility as you don’t just need physical mastery over this sacred art but also in-depth knowledge of its spiritual and mental aspects. Following the five points mentioned above would help you make the most of your yoga teacher training in India without any hassle.


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