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A review is a great tool for influencing customers. With their help, it is much easier and more efficient to promote various goods and services. After all, when there are good reviews, people are much more willing to agree to make a purchase. People are so structured that, despite great advertising, promotions, and discounts, they are more inclined to believe and trust other people’s opinions. And the statistics confirm this fact. Indeed, according to it, about 72% of consumers study reviews of other consumers or users. Unfortunately, many leave negative feedback. And, as you know, even the smallest fly in the ointment will spoil a whole barrel of honey. Therefore, for positive reviews, many companies offer a lot of privileges, bonuses, and discounts. Some also hire copywriters for writing the reviews.

How To Write A Good Review

1- Be Detailed, Specific, And Honest

You can write a review for a specific product that a company sells and recommend it because of fast shipping, discounts, or other benefits. Provide specific details regarding the product or services. For example, if you are taking PhD dissertation writing services, write a detailed review after getting the end results that can be useful for others. Be honest about your opinion, as if you are talking to a close friend or relative. State the advantages and disadvantages, the way you see them.

2- Avoid Copying Others

Every site visitor wants to see many different opinions. If a person decides to make a purchase or contact any company for a service, it is highly likely that he wants to look and read more than one review about it. And he may have already visited other sites in search of answers to his questions on this topic. In this case, copied reviews from other sources immediately reduce their credibility. There is no doubt that your review should be unique and one of a kind.

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3- Mention Your Personal Experience

The most important thing users are looking for in reviews is a benefit. After reading your review, a person should understand whether he needs this product, service, company, or not. Can he trust them and why them. What will he get from an acquisition or cooperation? Why exactly should he spend his money on this? Describe your doubts or internal objections you encountered prior to purchasing. Please describe your experience clearly.

4- Use Conversational Style

Any review is the opinion of another person from the outside. To avoid looking custom-made, use a conversational style that is natural for the Internet. These reviews may contain typos, slang, CAPS words, expressions, and emotions.

It is the most simple and straightforward way. If you know a lot, for example, about the composition of cosmetics, then you should not use professional terms and chemical names of substances. In this case, chances are high that your review will be incomprehensible and boring for most people.

5- Use Photos

Add photos with your review, it’s always better to see it once and only then read it. Especially if the photo is from the category “expectation-reality”, “it was-now”, “before-after”, and not processed images from the Internet. Try to keep the photo clear, not overexposed or dark, and of good quality. But remember not all reviews require a photo. Let’s say you are posting a review after taking assignment writing UK services, then posting a picture of the assignment is not recommended.

Remove unnecessary objects from the frame that will distract attention. If possible, take a shot with the name of the brand or logo. If size or volume is important for this product, try to demonstrate this in the photo. This will make your review even more useful and trustworthy. Two or three good quality photos will be enough.

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Most potential buyers read reviews before ordering, purchasing, watching a movie, or going on vacation. This proves once again that reviews are necessary and important. Feel free to write your opinion lightly and truthfully. 

 But many clients are not ready to post reviews themselves so companies delegate this task to agencies or copywriters. And in order to correctly write a positive review about the company, you don’t need to take information out of thin air but take comments from real customers. 

Shabbir Ahmad

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