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Nowadays customers can interact with the brands by making the use of chatbots. The need for chatbots increased during the pandemic situation of 2020. For dealing with a large number of questions in the absence of call centers a significant role is played by these chatbots. The chatbots became heroes but earlier these were considered as outsiders. These gave a very good experience to customers. On the basis of a voice based or textual conversational interface you can communicate with these. These are basically software. Now I am going to tell you about 5 ways bots can surprise and delight your customers.

  1. Customers can get excited by using these – It has been found that for handling customer relations these are preferred by 44% Americans. This means that when these are adopted by customers then they can get excited. A smooth experience can easily be given by these. You have to make sure that these are:
  • Bug-free and professional.
  • Brand is aligned to them.
  • Linguistics are perfectly used by these.
  • Tasks that are well defined can be because of these.
  • All queries are perfectly answered by these.
  • Several devices can be used with these.
  1. Services and people will not be replaced by chatbots – A common misbelief is that human employees will no longer be required when everything will be automated. But it’s not true. Actually, a human has to deal with these when an initial query of the customers is determined by these. A human has put all the necessary information in these which they give to the consumers.
  2. Operational costs are cut down by these – It has been found that $1.3 trillion has been spent by the businesses for supporting the requests made by 265 billion consumers. Chatbots using AI can help in reducing these costs. Up to 30 % savings can be done by businesses if they use these virtual agents. The customers can get better service if complex queries are handled by these virtual agents and service agents are freed. For agents the productivity can be raised by using these. For a lot of companies, it can be very costly if for helping the consumers they hire agents. The virtual agents can handle the inquiry calls very easily so that cost can be reduced and customer service can be improved. A study suggests that in the 5 years 90 % inquiries of the people will be handled by these virtual agents. As a result, a reduction of $8 billion will be observed in the business costs by 2022.
  3. For sales and marketing the progressive avenues are offered by these – By making the use of robust marketing sales can be closed if these virtual agents are built by some sources that are reputable. For instance, by making the use of:
  • Customer engagement in an improved manner – On the basis of purchase history a shopping advice can be given to the customers after personalized interactions with these virtual agents.
  • Giving guidance to customers about the marketing funnel – These virtual agents do not make the customers wait any more. The customer’s every query is addressed by these and for sale’s every aspect the guidance to consumers is given by these virtual agents.
  • Giving appropriate notifications to customers – Behavior of the customer can be predicted by these knowledgeable virtual agents. As a result, proper notifications can be given to the consumers whenever required.
  • Reach that is broadened – It is impossible for humans to use social media for reaching a large number of prospects but virtual agents can do this very easily.
  • A brand value that is heightened – With the help of historical interactions these virtual agents can easily get the attention of the customers. Collection and analysis of customer feedback is done with the help of these virtual agents. In order to properly interact with the right people these can be used effectively.
  1. By using this customer services and sales can be improved for benefiting the businesses – For creating the profiles of the customers their contact details, profession, name and other information are collected by these virtual agents. So, marketing and sales can be easily done by these chatbots. With the help of push notifications, the brands and products can be used by engaging the customers. These notifications can be provided by these virtual agents.
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