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In many ways, college is one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever experience. 

But here’s the thing:

Some people go without ever truly experiencing the breadth and depth of all its potential.

College life can be a dull grind. But it can also open up your world and mind through experiences that you’d have never imagined taking part in. 

In this post, you’ll learn seven adventures that every college student should consider going on before graduation.

Some of these may seem a bit outside of the realm of your comfort zone — but that’s totally okay. 

In fact, that’s the whole point! 

Let’s dive in and talk about seven adventures that every student should experience while attending college. 

1. Do Volunteer Work

Volunteering while attending college will allow you to experience things in life you probably never have before.

However, it may also give you the option of getting valuable experience in your field that’ll help you later on, after you graduate. 

People who volunteer experience greater levels of confidence, are happier, and feel less depressed than people who don’t. 

And to be honest, this doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Volunteering helps make the world a better place. 

But it’s also an adventure that you’ll likely never forget.

Not sure where to volunteer?

Start your search with organizations that are local to the city you’re going to school in. Narrow it down even further by looking for organizations that offer opportunities that match up with the kind of career you want to have. 

2. Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most extraordinary adventures you can embark on during your time at university.

Of course, this adventure will require you to step out of your usual comfort zone. If you’ve never left the country or traveled abroad before, this option may make you feel a bit nervous. 

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But hey, that’s how adventure should be!

It’s supposed to challenge you and take you out of the usual frame of your life to experience bigger, bolder possibilities. 

How Do You Begin This Process?

Ask your school counselor about exchange student opportunities.

You’ll also need to get your passport and travel documents in order. 

There’s some extra work that goes with this, but it’s absolutely worth it. 

In the words of Wallace Stevens:

“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.”

In choosing to explore this as an option, you could be embarking on the most significant experience of your life. You’ll create incredible memories and visit invigorating new places.

What’s not to love?

3. Sit in on a Class That Interests You

Many college professors will let you sit in on a class, even if that class isn’t part of your everyday curriculum.

And it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of this opportunity at least once. 

Is there a class you’ve always wondered about, even though it’s not a class you plan to be taking as a part of your chosen degree?

If you can manage it while still making it to your other classes, consider sitting in and taking advantage of this new experience.

You never know how this class may help you meet new people, experience new things, explore new concepts, and broaden your mind. 

This is truly an adventure that every college student should consider embarking on.

4. Try a New Sport or Physical Activity

One great thing about college campuses is that they usually offer a greater variety of physical and athletic sports and activities than you likely had access to in high school. 

For this reason, everyone attending college should make an effort to try something new … especially if you haven’t tried much in the way of sports or physical fitness before.

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Try your hand at polo, or play some rugby. Try throwing a discus. You can even go for something a little bit more normal, like volleyball or basketball. 

Join the tennis team, play some golf, join the dance squad, swim, or get involved in outdoor exploration sports (like biking, backpacking, rowing, skiing, rock climbing, etc.). 

It doesn’t really matter what you choose. 

Just get out there and try some new things, even if you only try them for a semester. 

5. Make a New Friend (or Several)

One of the best things about going to college is that the experience will seriously open up your ability to socialize and make new friends. 

But even beyond that, it opens up the possibility to create relationships that may even turn into business networking opportunities later on in life. 

Making new contacts in college is crucial to setting yourself up for success later on. 

But even when you reduce it down to the human level, making new friends will broaden your horizons and increase the quality of your life

So make some new friends. 

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. 

Don’t be afraid to invite people along with you on adventures, and practice saying “yes” when people invite you along on theirs.

This is a chance for you to create genuine, deep, meaningful relationships post high school.

And it’s in your best interest to take advantage of it.

6. Follow Some Fun Classmates Into New Social Situations

Speaking of all those new friends you’re going to be making…

Follow that up by joining along with them in their own adventures. 

Tag along with them as they go about their lives, and try experiencing something a little different for yourself. 

This could mean going to clubs or events that they frequent that you wouldn’t usually attend. This could mean exposing yourself to different cultures, festivities, or holidays that you’ve perhaps never taken part in. 

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One of the great things about college is how diverse it is. 

Don’t be afraid to follow your new friends into uncharted territory, to broaden your horizons and learn more about the world.

7. Get To Know Your Local College Town

The town or city you choose to attend college in will likely present its own range of new and unique experiences to enjoy and discover.

But if you never leave the college campus, you’ll never get to experience it in all its true depth and fullness.

Plan some days with friends to go out and explore. 

Go to local clubs. Go to unique businesses. Go to celebrations. 

Attend festivals and community gatherings. 

Try out some new: 

  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Coffee shops 
  • Art galleries
  • Hiking trails
  • Parks
  • And anything else you find that sparks your interest.

Every town is different, and every place is unique. 

Don’t be afraid to break away from the college campus to explore the unknowns of your local college town. 


Hopefully, this post has inspired you to seek out a bigger, bolder experience for yourself. 


As you begin this exciting transition from high schooler to full-fledged college graduate, you must be brave to find success.  

So get out there and do it!

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