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With many cities worldwide adopting the legalization of weed, the future of marijuana tourism is looking bright. The publication of several studies that reveals the widespread benefits of Marijuana and their application in treating various ailments is causing a shift in their perception. Recreational use of Marijuana is becoming common with every passing day, and it can soon lead to the rise of more weed-friendly cities around the world. 


A 420 friendly city is one which is lenient towards the possession and consumption of cannabis. The popularity of Marijuana transcends all boundaries of age, gender, or cultural affinity. While some of us seek to travel to 420 friendly cities for medicinal purposes, others travel to these exotic destinations. Through this article, let us take a look at the 7 most 420 friendly cities in the world that you need to visit. 


1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the Catalonia province’s headquarters in Spain and one of the most beautiful cities in the Iberian peninsula. The city has several cannabis social clubs in which you can find the best strains to satisfy the weed connoisseur in you. The clubs usually require an existing member to invite you to make you eligible for joining the club. However, you will need to become a member by paying membership fees as a donation for the club.


You will also need to wait for 2 weeks to get the approval for becoming a member of the club. Therefore, you may need to plan your membership earlier if you are only visiting on a short vacation. Most hotels do not permit you to take up or even smoke cigarettes on their premises, and so you will rent to take private accommodation if you wish to get high in your room privately. Barcelona also holds the Spannabis festival every March, the largest gathering of cannabis lovers in Europe. 

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2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The list of 420 friendly cities will never be complete without including Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ capital city, and the most popular destination in international cannabis tourism. Amsterdam has a strong cannabis-friendly culture, and the coffee shops where you can buy unique strains, hash, and edibles are legendary the world over. Even though cannabis is technically illegal in the Netherlands, an individual can carry 5 grams of cannabis for personal use. 


You will need to show your ID to prove that you are over 18 to buy from the coffee shops. You can also visit the first weed-friendly coffee shop in the Netherlands, the Mellow Yellow, which is in business from 1972. You can smoke anywhere in public as long as you do not pose a disturbance to anyone. You may even get the lab-tested blue dream seeds from high supplies while in Amsterdam. 


3. Denver, Colorado

Colorado is among the first states in the United States to pioneer the legalization of Marijuana, and other states are following the path of legalization due to their success. The tax projections from the sale of recreational Marijuana are allowing the state to spend generously in funding public amenities, roads, and schools. The cannabis tourism industry is booming in Denver in Colorado, and you can easily find state-sanctioned dispensaries to get your quota of recreational Marijuana. 


4. Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay is among the first countries to legalize cannabis, and weed is legal in the country from as early as 2013. You just need to visit a pharmacy to buy weed. However, you can only buy a maximum of 10 grams in a week. Residents of the city can even grow weed and give it away freely without consequence. 

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The price of marijuana in the dispensaries is available for an extremely affordable rate of 1$ to bring the business into the legal market. The unique culture and stunning beaches that are devoid of flocks of tourists make Montevideo stand out among other destinations in this list. 


5. Vancouver, Canada

Canada is the second-largest country globally and among the newest to join the ranks of weed-friendly countries due to the recent efforts in passing the legislation on the legalization. Vancouver boasts of a high standard of living for its citizens and it is the ideal destination to get high-quality weed at affordable prices. Several smoke-tolerant cafes and shops allow you to enjoy your coffee as you roll and smoke one up, reminding you of Amsterdam. 


6. Kingston, Jamaica


Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean with a rich Cannabis tradition and the birthplace of counterculture icons such as Bob Marley. The local people follow the Rastafarian culture for several centuries, which views cannabis as a spiritual tool that shows the gateway for enlightenment and happiness. The possession and use of recreational cannabis are legal from 2015, but you can only carry a small quantity. 


7. Nimbin, Australia

The town of Nimbin in Australia is a hub for hippies, and even though cannabis is illegal in Australia, you can easily get your hands on weed here, and the authorities are lenient. Nimbin is home to the annual Mardi Gras festival, which advocates the legalization of weed in the country. You can find references to the hippie culture from the 1960s everywhere in town, and several smoke shops sell happy cookies and happy hippie herbs. 

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If you enjoy smoking weed or eating edibles, you must have the cities in this list on your bucket list of must-visit destinations. While weed is still downright illegal in most parts of the world, several cities and countries are amending the laws which make weed legal. Even is legal, some cities propose limitations to the maximum amount of weed you can have in your possession. 


In countries such as the United States, the laws on weed legality vary from city to city and state to state. Therefore, you need to be aware of the local laws before planning your 420-friendly vacation. The prospect of using cannabis at any place without worry attracts thousands of people to these cities every year. This reason also attracts many people to settle in these cities permanently. 


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