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As per Gartner prediction, the information security market is expected to reach $170.4 billion in the year 2022. This target seems achievable because modern businesses have already started focusing on securing dedicated enterprise mobile apps and other corporate data. In today’s mobile-driven world, it is necessary to safeguard the app because many people give their personal information to use it. The enterprise mobile app development company has to ensure the security of data stored in the app for maintaining the reputation of its corporate clients.

Unfortunately, over 50% of the mobile app development companies do not give enough focus to the mobile app security even today. The reasons for this negligence include a lack of security knowledge in a new app development language and a small budget of clients. As a result, the enterprise app may have a lack of any of these factors, which lead to a data breach-

  • Secure data storage
  • Binary hardening or protection techniques
  • Server-side security or controls
  • Transport layer protection

Some of the apps may have either bad encryption or weak implementation of hidden fields can also make them insecure against any potential threat or malware attack.

Though we cannot ensure full-proof protection of the enterprise mobile app because of rapidly evolving technologies. For example, when a new data encryption technology arrives to safeguard the app, hackers try to find out-of-the-box ways to decrypt them. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that we are living in an uncertain situation in which any time our apps can get hacked. Every year, globally 175.45% of the increase in malicious mobile malware infections has been recorded. Shockingly, a whopping 56% of the top 100 paid apps for iPhones have been hacked so far.  This situation is alarming as we implement mobility in the enterprise.

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Here, we are going to give the top 7 tips for ensuring and improving the app security. We will classify these tips into three different categories- developers, implementers, and end-users. If each stakeholder contributes to ensuring the app’s safety, your app can remain safe for a long time.

Seven Sureshot Ways to Ensure Your Enterprise App’s Saftey

  1. Strong source code encryption

Encryption is one of the most effective and tested security methods. The mobile app developer can enable the app to encrypt all sensitive data with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on authentication. Developers can also utilize the password managers within the enterprise app to simplify the process of using complex password simple for users.

  1. Powerful Analysis

It is imperative to employ a professional team of cybersecurity experts for the extensive testing of apps. This team can find our the loop holes and vulnerabilities within various stages of the app and fix them. The can analyze the entire app ecosystem to ensure that high security standards are in place. Even if some of the apps have no evident flaws in security, the penetration test can give the clear picture of its security.

  1. Secure Implementation

Another step the implementers can take is to integrate the combination of security features in the application. If these features are not implemented properly the app ecosystem will remain unsecure and vulnerable for malware. Multifactor authentication and other security features along with a proper encryption should be integrated during the app development process. Also, it is better to keep an eye on the performance and possibility of potential attacks.

  1. Avoid Wireless Network
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Now comes the app user’s part. It is advisable to use a secure network to avoid any cyberattack on the confidential and personal data. Users should use a secure VPN or a Virtual Private Network whenever you use the Internet on your mobile device. A decrypted wireless network for accessing to the Internet through a mobile device can make it highly vulnerable to any potential malware or threat.

  1. Use Difficule Passwords

Never keep easy-to-guess or most commonly used passwords for accessing to the app or your device. Hackers can easily breach in device and hack personal data because of such passwords. Also, never allow the password manager to save passwords. App users should create and manage passwords on a regular basis. In other words, passwords should be changed regularly. Also, opting for a 2-step authentication can provide an additional layer of safety to the app.

  1. Secure Data in Backend

The cloud technology is a technological boon because they help mobile app development companies to secure the data through APIs. Cloud-powered servers can effectively prevent unauthorized access and keep the data safe. Some of the known techniques for securing data in such a way are Federation  and Containerization. These techniques enable users to save their data securely in the backend. Federation, a next-level security method can dispense the resources across varius servers with separate encrypted keys for offering the maximum security.

  1. Opt for MDM

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a widely accepted concept globally. However, it has the highest risk associated with vulnerabilities because users use their own devices that have company’s confidential information and critical data. Therefore, it is beneficial to opt for MDM (Mobile Device Management) in the workplace. It gives entrepreneurs peace of mind for massive confidential information.

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Concluding Lines

Mobile apps are here to stay. However, with increasing usage and people’s growing dependence on them make it imperative to ensure their security. The enterprise mobile app development companies need to put the focus on making apps resilient against any attacks. Hackers consider apps as a soft target, and therefore, entrepreneurs and app development companies should work in sync to ensure the app’s safety.


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