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Being able to pull off a performance that leaves audiences speechless and shocke is a hallmark of successful artists, bands, and musicians. After all, nothing lets you win more fans more than a show where attendees just can’t get you off their minds. To make sure that her next concert goes that way, try below are eight tips for you to screw her fat.


1.The repertoire should be established before the show, and transitions should be rehearsed.


It is logical and normal (and desirable) to take a moment to thank the public for their attendance and ask them how the night is going, thanks to the organization, special dedications (requests for hands…). But for a good repertoire, the transition between song and song must be worked on. In this there are no unique formulas, songs can be splice, instrumental introductions can be made between songs even as bridges, tell a story that immerses people in the plot of the song … Learn from the greats, from the bands of your style that are higher than you, of lifelong artists and see what the bands of your profile do and do it better!


2.Silence is not gold: How to avoid dead time in your shows.


An example of invigorating a part of your show that can be decaffeinate and turning it into something exciting could be when someone unexpectedly jumps on stage to join the band that is playing, especially if this person is from another known / friend band. Inviting some members of other groups, even those with whom you share a poster, to support the chorus of the final song can be a good idea.

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3.The power is in you.


Think about the artists you admire. Imagine yourself with all those qualities you want to possess to make her as cool as your admired ones, even if you don’t really feel that way, use your imagination. Write down all those qualities, work on them. Ideally, you would be recording the concerts near me and then watch it calmly at home and see the evolution. (If you want to know more, look for the modeling technique)


4.First the difficult.

In order to face your material (songs and others), a recommendation whether for individual practice, group rehearsal, or live performances would be to attack the most difficult material first, which will give you much more peace of mind for the rest of the pieces, since you got rid of the most demanding, in addition to doing it with the greatest of your strength, at the beginning. (If you want to know more about this, try to eat the frog)


5.Beware of allergies.


Antihistamines can be seriously drying out your voice causing other problems as a singer, remember that you will never want to sing on your dry vocal cords. If you suffer from allergies, get test with an allergist and get a treatment that does not include antihistamines.


6. Alert with the “specialties”.


If you’re using unusual settings, it’s best if everyone knows about it beforehand. That will make the show run smoothly. Issues such as the measurements of your backdrop (curtain with your band’s logo), in case of sharing a battery, for example, if there is a left-handed one or if it has special hardware, amplifiers of special measurements, props that must be put on, projections, etc.

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7. Controlled risk.


You may be practicing your repertoire for weeks but that doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to it. When your audience is smaller. You are more comfortable being a more manageable audience for you. Take the opportunity to do things that can only be done under those circumstances. I’ll give you an example, once I attend a concert in which the truth is that there were very few people (if they expect a minimum of 300, there were 35-40 people) it was the closest thing to a private party.) The band far away of leaving discourage, not only do she give her best but taking advantage of the situation she made all the attendees come out one by one to tell what they were doing there) After the concert. All of them said that for the next time the band went he would certainly drag his friends to the concert. Are we talking about audience building?


8. About the covers.


If you’ve chosen a cover to show off your skills or how good your new gear sounds. Chances are you’re covering a song for the wrong reasons. Ideally, when covering a song, you want to create a positive response through the audience’s familiarity with the song.




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