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Computer drivers are the essential parts of computers and laptop devices so it is necessary to maintain all the device drivers up-to-date. As a computer user, you must be aware of common windows problems. Windows have special inbuilt support of device drivers, though some drivers need external support. You can use the best PC Cleaner for windows computer to fix all driver issues. This guide will provide all the information related to common driver problems and its solution.

List of 9 Common Driver Problems & its Solutions

Problem 1: Printer Driver Not Working Properly

This is the common problem that all users face while working with printers and computers. When the printer driver problem arises printers stop working or it works abnormally. The bad or outdated printer drivers may cause this problem or any third-party app can cause this error. There are many reasons available for this issue, maybe your driver is corrupted or damaged. 


Well, a solution is common and easy for this type of problem. Either you need to update and reinstall the drivers, or contact the customer care support of the brand. 

Problem 2: Device Stop Working

So, this is actually a common windows problem that every user faces. “My computer suddenly stops working”, “My laptop working abnormally”. So, if you’re facing this kind of error then you need to try out various solutions.


Check out the latest updates available for all drivers and update them. Still, you’re facing the same problem then update your Windows or reinstall the software of your device.

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Problem 3: Keyboard Driver Problem

Sometimes you may face keyboard-related problems like “Shift Key Not working”, “Keyboard stops working”, etc. So, this may cause if you’ve changed any setting of the keyboards or the keyboard drivers are outdated. 


The best solution for the keyboard driver problem is to update the drivers or uninstall them and install them again. So at the time of installation it will detect the problem and repair itself. You can download the external driver pack to get the best result.

Problem 4: Audio Driver Not Working

Audio driver problem is the common issue same as all other driver issues. “Audio Icon Missing”, “Audio not working properly” are common complaints by the users. 


To solve this problem you have to try out the standard solutions. An effective way to resolve this problem is by uninstalling the audio driver from the device manager and restarting the system. If it doesn’t work then update your sound drivers.

Problem 5: Mouse Driver Problem

Here another common problem comes into the picture that is “Mouse Not Working Properly”. This may be because of USB interference or OS issues. So, you have to resolve this by applying some effective solutions. 


The best solution to this problem is by checking out the updates available for the mouse drivers or uninstalling the mouse drivers. Then restart your device, if it doesn’t work then download the mouse drivers from third-party driver packs and install them on your PC.

Problem 6: USB Driver stop working

USB driver problem is a common Windows problem and it will prevent you from using the USB device with your computer. This problem may arise if your BIOS is not updated, USB drivers are missing, Damaged USB device, etc. 

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Try to reinstall your USB drivers or update them regularly to get rid of this problem.

Problem 7: Display Driver Problem

If you’re facing the Display driver problem then you might not have updated your Graphics card drivers. So, if you don’t want to face this kind of problem then check for the best solution.


Update the Graphics card driver or reinstall them to solve the display driver problem.

Problem 8: AMD Driver Problem

Most of the users are facing this problem after updating the AMD GPU drivers. Lots of users have complained about “AMD driver freeze”, “AMD driver crashed”, etc. 


To fix this problem you can roll back to the previous version of your driver or reinstall them.

Problem 9: Windows 10 Upgrade Driver Problem (error 0x800F092)

This is the common Windows problem that users face nowadays. This can be caused if you have any outdated or damaged driver in your PC.


To get rid from this error troubleshoot your Windows or keep all your drivers up-to-date. 

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