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There must be a watch in our operating system. With this watch we do see the time as well as can use it as a timer. But there’s an issue with this method. The clock provided by the operating system is not the optimal one. It also gives time slower than the real time. This offers a slow period of 10 to 25 milliseconds. There is a program called Timerresolution to solve this issue. Now I will show this unusual app to you.

What is TimerResolution ?

Evidently, TimerResolution is a program for modifying the default windows timer’s answer. On Windows, the default clock can range from 10 to 25 milliseconds. Moreover, if your software uses a clock or sleep level lower than the clock level on your computer, you would not get the service you need. The timer resolution will be changed internationally when the application is running and revert to the original level when it is closed.

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Why should I use this?

Timer Resolution measures time at intervals of less seconds, meaning you can gain greater fidelity not only in Windows applications, as well as in games like Fortnite. If what you’re aiming for is high precision, the program that will increase your accuracy is Timer Resolution. You could obtain timelines of 1ms with Timer Resolution. Timer Resolution allows you to start the timer or to pause it. Another thing is certain: this app is a very accurate Microsoft Windows-optimized stopwatch timer. There are a variety of uses from which this timer instrument can be derived. You should keep the software in motion to see if the value has risen over time or CPU load. With very little jitter, the app will quickly begin to produce 5ms performance! By trial and error, you can find out that if you load a particular web page, the software performs as planned.

Is it suitable for my system?

Unless you’re a WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Vista, Win7, Windows7 owner, so this app is perfect for you. You could install it and use it free of charge.

How can I use it in my game?

Unless you’re a Fortnite gamer then for stronger gameplay, you might need this application. After installing the software, run this on the background first while playing your game. Click on maximum when the software opens and you will see that your time is starting. For certain lower end Pc, it can also boost the Fps. You can use it not only in Fortnite, but also for other multiplayer games. For you, it will defenitely improve the gaming efficiency.

How can I download this software?

Its also very simple to download this application. Now go to NearFile, check for timer resolution and you’ll find it. Click on this and then click on the download button. Downloads would then appear immediately.


In addition to giving perfect time, timer resolution offers enhanced performance. Particularly for multiplayer video game players, it is very essential to boost their gameplay.


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