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Sure, you have heard of cat 5, cat 6, or any other kind of ethernet cable, but have you ever heard of the distinction between a flat and round ethernet cable? Flat ethernet cable is gaining momentum in the market due to its originality and flexibility.

As it continues to become more prevalent with the new era’s need, many have adapted to use the flat version of the ethernet cable for establishing home and office networks.

Many organizations from different parts of the industry have started recognizing the cable’s value from small businesses to larger ones. If you wonder whether the flat cable is worth your money not to, let us clarify it in this article.

Flat ethernet cable: an overview

When first introduced as a form of ethernet cables, it was made using a coaxial cable.

However, when proven that the utility of the social cable was too tough to handle, the concept of using copper to make the cable was taken up.

With the introduction of copper, it became more flexible, providing the operators to cover long and short distances.

Though the twisted outlay had a round outlook because of the components that went into the cable structure, the round wires’ added insulationFrom made it more durable.

The jacket also became circular, giving rise to a phenomenon which we know as flat ethernet cables.

Being able to provide connectivity while making coverage over a short distance, the cable slowly started to be used worldwide.

Structural composition of flat ethernet cable:

The flat ethernet cable utilizes the smallest gauge size wires that are available in the market.

Often, the 32AWG goes into developing the wires providing it with a thin exterior that many like.

This variation of wire makes the flat ethernet cable thinner than the 28AWG cables making it more popular in the market than ever.

This success’s main reason is its shape, which happens due to the pairs being laid out in a row.

Instead of being circled, they are laid out in a row providing it with insurance stains, any crosstalk that can take place over utilization.

Apart from these, the molded boots and RJ45s also go into the making of the flat cables. Due to this, one finds it easier to plug into an ethernet port.

In other words, one can say it is what makes the ethernet cable more accessible.

Where to use it?

Flat cables are very flexible and convenient, making it manageable for people to alternate with other cable kinds.

The cable’s best application is to use for computers, modems, routers, network printers, VoIP phones, faxes, and gaming consoles.

Because of the flat cables’ shape, it has become somewhat easier for people to situate them.

Starting from under the carpet to the office and walls, a connection is established, but the aesthetics of the place remains intact.


So, now that you know what a flat ethernet cable is, you can easily select where you want to utilize it and how to install it. However, we suggest you choose the right category of flat cables to achieve up to a gigabit ethernet speed.


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