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There is something incredibly satisfying in owning an aircraft of your own. It eliminates hassles associated with commercial flying. You can charter a plane from any of the top aviation companies in UAE and have a luxurious flight. However, if you are one of those that runs a successful business, you can afford one.

Buying aircraft is not only an investment, but it is also one of your costliest assets, so you have to ensure that you keep it in top shape. In simple words, aircraft maintenance is a critical part of owning an aircraft. Regardless you have an entire fleet or a helicopter. They need periodic maintenance and regular service as per the manufacturer requirement. Although the requirements might differ from one manufacturer to another, every aircraft generally needs an annual inspection to check the condition of the plane.  Along with that, they must go through regular service and maintenance checks throughout the year and before the flight.

Aircraft Maintenance

There are a few things that you can manage yourself, as for other matters, you would need the expertise and experience of professionals, such as major repairs.

Limitations for Aircraft Owners

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, federal aviation is rather specific as to what the owners can or cannot do. Especially, certified pilots can do preventive maintenance on their aircraft as long as they are not using it for domestic or commercial flights, commuter aircraft, or foreign air carriers.

This implies that someone who both owns and operates a private aircraft can carry out preventive maintenance without the supervision of a mechanic. At the same time, these regulations explicitly state which of the maintenance tasks fall under the preventive category. Moreover, you are required to fill in the logbook when you do maintenance tasks. This way, all the maintenance, and inspections carried out are on record.

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Easy Aircraft Maintenance Tips

Read on below to read some handy aircraft maintenance tips:

1.       Cleaning Interiors

See that you regularly vacuum the interior of your plane/helicopter. Wipe down all the surfaces as well. Due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus, it is better to use a high-quality disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs. See for any signs of grease or oil as they might indicate a leakage.

2.      Maintaining Leather Furnishings

 Leather finishes in your aircraft require proper maintenance. See that you wipe them clean regularly. And then, with intervals, use a high-end leather cleaning product to maintain their color. Look for the one that feeds the leather and also helps in extending the leather’s durability and life.

3.      Seat Cover Cleaning

 If the seats are not covered with leather, but fabric, or vinyl, they need to be cleaned appropriately as well. First of all, see that you pre-treat the fabric first to avoid any undue damage from spills and other kinds of stains and dirt. Keep a frequent check on it and clean the fabric as soon as possible.

4.       Cleaning the instrument Panel

Ensure that the instrument panel is clean and everything is in working order. Usually, most of the aircraft instruments are installed in units with glass across the front. You can easily clean them with a good quality glass cleaner or look for a one that is made for aviation glass.

5.       Get Rid of Clutter

Nooks and corners, such as glove compartments, can become a storage place for odds and ends that passengers forget or leave behind on purpose. Clean them out ensuring that there are no unnecessary things crammed into them.

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6.     Periodic Oil Change

  Be punctual in getting the regular oil changes as per the manufacturer requirement. If you plan to do it on your own, make sure that you record it in the engine logbook.

7.      Spark Plug Cleaning

 Check and clean the spark plugs.

8.       Cleaning Drain Holes

Take a look at the drain holes in the fuselage. Check them thoroughly and use a pipe cleaner to ensure that they all are clear. This is because if the holes get blocked, the accumulated water can lead to corrosion a lot faster than you think. This can damage the holes from the inside.

9.       Clean Fuel 

Make sure that the fuel you use for your aircraft is clean.

10. Pay attention to Tires

  The condition of your tires and the tire pressure are significant as well. The take-off and landing are the two most crucial as well as dangerous parts of flying. If your tires are in less-than-perfect condition, they can lead to unfortunate accidents. Changing the tires of your aircraft is one of those maintenance tasks the aircraft owners and pilots can do on their own. However, one must have the appropriate tools and skills to know exactly what to do.

11.   Hire Professional Services

You can hire professional air charter services as well. They also provide service and maintenance facilities to their customers. If you charter your aircraft through them, you can get your plane checked to ensure smooth engine running and safety of your craft.