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While starting your business, it is unlikely that you haven’t given a thought about how you are going to manage your phone calls. Usually, small businesses involve only a group of 3-4 people in the beginning. One cannot afford hiring an assistant just for answering the phone calls, when you have a tight budget. Amidst all these problems, using simple mobile phones just makes sense.

However, as soon as those businesses grow, the need for a more affordable and sophisticated phone system increases. You would obviously hate to miss even one call from your client right? And that is where a virtual phone system comes into the picture.

In simple words, a virtual phone system is an easy, flexible and a cheap business phone system. They are much like a hosted website wherein calls can be forwarded directly to the phone. It is a great option for start-ups that usually do not have a physical space to work to direct their calls directly to their phones .Over the last few years; these virtual phone systems have proved to be Talkroute alternatives for all small businesses.

Some valuable features served by virtual phone systems

The virtual number service gives the opportunity of choosing as many local-dial numbers as you need. It’s on you if you want to use one main number or up to 800 numbers in order to communicate with your clients. However the cost increases with the increasing number of numbers. You can set up a different ringtone for client’s calls. This will help you separating your professional calls with personal.

With the help of automation rules provided by this service, you can help your caller in reaching the right person. You can decide who gets the call using features such as simultaneous ringing and group queues and can get line up your calls with the features like “follow me” that forwards all your call to your device. Setting up screening rules can help you segregate the important and non-important calls too.

If you want to keep a record of your entire client’s calls, you can record them using the services. The virtual phone service forwards a recorded copy of your calls directly to the email address given by you. You also can receive all your faxes via mail, so that the important documents that need to be forwarded, no longer have to wait.

Now you do not need to hop on any online platform, every time you want to conduct a meeting with your co-workers. You can just conduct your web and video conferences here. By any means, if you cannot answer a call by your office phone, the calls can be forwarded to your mobile or laptop.

Virtual phone system service is surely a low-cost solution that can help your company in setting up professional communication infrastructure it needs, when you are just starting out. So, stop worrying about the management of your business calls as these virtual phone systems will take good care of it!


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