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The Cashmere Pashmina shawls are a sign of luxuriousness seen through the product’s structural integrity. Generally, the beauty of the pashmina product lies solely on wool.

Having the name of ‘soft gold’ in Kashmir, the wool for the pashmina shawl comes from the Himalayan goat’s underbelly goat that sheds once a year.

Because of how elegant the result is, the naturally shed phenomena, which is hand-processed, is carefully woven into patterns of beautiful shapes, scarves, and more.

However, to retain the magnificence of the product, one has to wash it carefully. Throwing it into the washing machine will not do.

In this article, we will share with you how to wash pashmina products properly.

Ways To Wash The Cashmere Pashmina Shawls:

The process of washing the shawls is generally preferred to be done using the hand.

Meaning, any prefer the shawls to be hand-washed because it not only protects the compositional integrity of the product but reserves the purity of the product.

Meanwhile, those who do not have time can choose to wash it in the washing machine. Before washing, you have to properly pre-treat the product by treating it in a stain-solution.

Apply the preferred solution to the susceptible area of your product. If it is a shawl, then look for places where you have stained it; if it is a sweater or a pullover, then apply it on the neckline, underarm, cuffs.

Apart from that, you can choose to use scented vinegar to get rid of bad odors.

● Hand washed process:

Handwashing is considered to be an ideal option; however, one should not use dry-cleaning solvents and enzymes. It contains detergents and heavy chemicals that degrade the yarns.

Use the wool and cashmere shampoo to soak the product in a washbasin full of cold water. Magistrate the water to distribute the shampoo.

Now soak the shawl for 30 minutes before rubbing it softly with your hands.

Do not use warm water as pashmina products are sensitive to water temperature. Now rinse it properly with cold water until there is no soapy water. Press the water out of the shawl without wringing it.

● Washing machine:

Before turning it into the washing machine, you have to turn the product inside out, only if it is a pullover or sweater, and put it in a mesh washing bag.

Now, you have to set the machine at ‘woolens or delicate cycle and make sure that the water is not temperate; in other words, the water should be cold, and the spin should be set on low.

You have to immediately add the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo, depending on the machine and load size. After the washing is done, you have to remove it so that creasing does not happen.


Now that the cashmere pashmina shawls are washed, you have to proceed to the next step of drying it and then storing it. We recommend you dry it by laying the product out on a dry towel.

Let it hang for completely drying it out. Then put it in a bag and store it in a dark place on your cupboard.


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