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There are a number of microbes and pathogens in the environment that stick to the most touching things and can cause serious health issues. Coronavirus is such an example. These microbes not only affect the health of humans but can also harm the buildings’ health causing their lifespan to decrease. However, to eliminate their adverse impact, antimicrobial coatings are used. 

These coatings are made up of chemicals that form a membrane on the applied area hindering the spread of these microbes. The coatings are specially designed so that they cause no damage to the area by themselves and do the following:

  • Enhance the appearance of the building making the applied areas shine and look clean.
  • Prevents microbes to spread and grow in the applied area.
  • Increase the durability of the coating applied area.
  • Develops resistance to abrasions and corrosions. 

Where to apply:

There is a dire need to keep the surroundings clean, specifically during this pandemic. With the ongoing panic and health crises, the need and use of these antimicrobial coatings are widely spreading. These coatings can be applied on a number of surfaces such as: 

  • Walls and Teflon sheets 
  • Clothing
  • Doorknobs and drawer handles
  • Machinery such as vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens operates from the touch.

Cleaning with surface cleaners time and again costs so much and is a short-term solution. Contrary to this, these coatings provide a more secure and long-lasting effect and solution. 

Making of these coatings:

The chemicals which are used in the mixture of these coatings include; polymers, nano-particles of hydrophobic materials, and silver, copper, polycationic hydrogel, and graphene.

Pros of these coatings: 

No-go area for microbes:

These coatings protect a surface against bacteria, algae, fungus, stains from liquid if dropped accidentally, and gross odors. It also hinders a surface from degrading. 

Alternate to detergents:

They are a good alternative to surface cleaners and detergents and deal with those microbes also which are not affected by the cleaners. The cleaners can also cause harm to the surface and are used again and again but these coatings protect them from this harm also. 

For hospitals and libraries:

In areas that are prone to be infected by microbes such as a hospital, these are an effective remedy to combat these infectious entities. In such public areas, coating the door-handles, switches, public chairs, railings around stairs, etc. can be covered by these coatings to protect the staff as well as patients and visitors from harm. 

Protection from stains and discoloration:

These coatings prevent discoloration of the surfaces. Marks and stains of colored liquids can also be avoided and the new look of the surfaces will be maintained. This can be cost-effective as the maintenance and repainting costs of the surfaces will no longer be a burden. 

Leaves a good impression:

Use of the antimicrobial coatings for a safe surrounding also gives an impression to the visitors that the owners of the building care about them and the atmosphere and positive word of mouth are spread about them. 


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