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As children, we will nod off just about anywhere. Kids are often contact the ground , sitting up straight during a chair, or hanging the wrong way up off of the monkey bars- they’ll nod off once they nod off . Looking back on lately from the attitude of an adult affected by insomnia, restless nights of sleep, and constant twisting and turning, we always tell the youngsters , “enjoy your sleep while you’re young because you won’t be getting much of it after your 20’s.” Read on to get the simplest bamboo pillow for you from our comprehensive reviews and guide.

This is where a bamboo memory foam pillow comes in. While they’ll not be the full-body mattress solution that you simply crave most of all, they will revolutionize the way that you simply sleep by providing the acceptable amount of support and luxury to the part that matters most- your head, neck, and upper shoulders. There also are some great option for bamboo body pillows which will give a number of the full-body support you would like .

If you’ve never heard of bamboo pillows or bamboo bedding generally before, then this is often the article for you. Today, we’re getting to be talking about everything associated with bamboo pillows; what they’re , how they’re made, their benefits and disadvantages , and eventually we’ll offer you our top product recommendations supported tedious research and experimentation.

What Exactly may be a Bamboo Pillow?

If you’re like most of the people , you enjoy an honest pillow once you sleep thereon . Those fancy pillows that they need at the 5-star resort hotels always offer you an evening of sleep to recollect . You’re probably conversant in your average pillows. They’re soft, fluffy, crammed with cotton, down, or memory foam, and are around for ages.

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When most of the people first hear about bamboo pillow, however, they’re unsure what exactly to picture. They picture a tough stick of bamboo and wonder how it could possibly benefit their sleep. If anything, it looks like it might lend only to a more painful sleeping experience.

However, they’re not considering the very fact that bamboo is really just a species of grass. When it’s weakened and processed, the result are tens of thousands of small fibers that are then treated and became a special yarn that’s wont to weave into the outer covers of the pillow.

Most bamboo pillows are then crammed with high-quality memory foam, often shredded, and sometimes combined with some sort of a cooling gel. Sometimes the bamboo yarn are going to be woven into the filling of the pillow for increased stability and firmness also .

Benefits of employing a Bamboo Pillow

If you’re a sensible shopper, you’re not getting to just invest the newest fad regardless of how great that the commercials make it seem. So, to alleviate a number of your doubts, we’re getting to take a couple of minutes to debate a number of the advantages of bamboo pillows and the way they will assist you get the night of sleep that you simply deserve.


Bamboo is an all-natural product that grows year-round in multiple locations everywhere the planet . this suggests that it’s one among the foremost sustainable products on the face of the world , almost like hemp. As soon as it’s harvested, it’s able to grow again and within a couple of short weeks, a full crop will again be ready for processing.

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Unlike cotton, which grows just one occasion a year, and may drain the soil of nutrients, bamboo almost never stops growing thanks to its grass-like nature. Drought doesn’t affect it, it doesn’t got to be irrigated, and it doesn’t got to be treated by chemicals and pesticides.

All that being said, the processing means wont to break down the dense bamboo fibers still utilize tons of chemicals. However, once you compare the quantity of chemicals utilized in bamboo processing with those of other materials like nylon or polyester, the bamboo is way less harmful to the environment. additionally , you’re supporting local farms who make their living off of harvesting the easy-to-grow bamboo crops.

Moisture and warmth Regulation

The final viscose yarn produced by the bamboo is incredibly effective at wicking away moisture and warmth which will build abreast of the surface of your pillow. one among the explanations why many of us get such a poor night of sleep is that they’re constantly awakening throughout the night thanks to hot sweats and poor air circulation.

This is especially important when you’re watching memory foam bamboo pillows. For all of its benefits, memory foam is notorious for getting hot. However when covered within the woven bamboo fibers, the warmth dissipates on the duvet rather than being absorbed into the deeper layers of the pillow. Additionally, any moisture or sweat are going to be quickly wicked away and evaporate before it’s an opportunity to accumulate.


Bamboo is of course hypoallergenic. Unlike cotton, nylon, and polyester which may cause some people allergies or topical irritation, there haven’t been any reported cases of bamboo pillows causing these effects.

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If you’re trying to find a reasonable thanks to get an honest night of sleep, then you ought to try a best bamboo pillow. Once you rest your head on one among these, you’ll never return to a budget old pillows you were using before. Not only are these pillows incredibly comfortable, but they’re also proven to last up to twice as long as traditional memory foam and cotton-stuffed pillows thanks to the strong bamboo fibers and Rayon yarn wont to build them.

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