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Do you still use traditional packaging for your cosmetic products? Get out of that rut and enhance your business with one-of-a-kind and appealing custom cosmetic boxes. There are several packaging companies that offer bespoke cosmetic box packaging, but many of them fail to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Cosmetic packaging has a purpose more than just presenting your product. It is also a way for your business to be represented in the market. So, if you want to make a good first impression on your consumers, you should have well-thought-out packaging cosmetic boxes developed. The custom packaging boxes are not only best for cosmetics but also for jewelry, food, bakery, and other similar products.

Cosmetic boxes encourage the customers to look at the product in depth. The most familiar categories of cosmetic boxes are eye makeup boxes, nail care boxes, skin and hair products boxes. Nowadays cosmetic industry spends enormously on package designs since it is one of the most informative methods of influencing a customer’s purchase choice. The dazzling lip gloss boxes, unique nails, smart hair-sprinkling boxes, and floral lotion boxes make us feel compelled to see the respective cosmetics.

Customized Cosmetic Boxes

Women are generally addicted to purchasing branded cosmetics. It can include anti-aging treatments, facial creams, cleansers, lip balms, eyelashes, hair extensions and a variety of other products. Each cosmetic product has its own unique packaging demands and specifications. This is the reason that their shipping boxes are made from customizable building components. For their production, we utilize high-quality SBS paperboard and corrugate materials. These materials provide a plethora of customization choices, allowing our graphic design team to develop creative and beautiful box designs. With the help of these boxes you can show your cosmetic items to the customers in an appealing manner.

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Key to Make the Attractive Cosmetic Boxes

Before beginning to create personalized cosmetic boxes, it is important to choose the appropriate material for the product. The materials you use will affect how well the product is displayed.

  • Single-layer paper is available in three coatings, allowing you to tailor the overall look of your design. The depth of color on your cosmetics storage box is essential, especially when it comes to products like lipstick or eye shadow palettes that accent lipstick coloring. You have the option of 14 pt., 18 pt., or 24 pt. Cardstock.
  • Cardboard is commonly utilized since it is widely available all around the world. When it comes to packing solutions, it is typically the first choice. We make the greatest use of this excellent material to create your ideal Cosmetics Box Packaging.
  • Corrugated cardboard is strong enough to protect delicate cosmetic products as it can tolerate harsh handling. It is mostly advised for items that will be delivered to the far away. The Corrugated cardboard is available in either beautiful white or brown Kraft colors
  • Kraft paper, which is durable and environmentally beneficial. It offers the desired characteristics of high strength, making it the preferred choice for packaging boxes.

Are you facing difficulty in choosing the right material? Contact the box company to find out the thickness of the material and how much it can protect the product.

Attractive Cosmetic Boxes

Use Printing Options for Promotion

Printing is the greatest way to promote your brand. As a result, we provide a variety of printing services. Furthermore, these printing solutions are designed in such a way that they are not expensive.  Moreover, we provide the following printing methods.

  1. Digital printing
  2. Screen printing
  3. Offset printing
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Finishes and Coatings

You will have a wide variety of coatings and finishes to make your boxes more elegant and attractive while you order the boxes. We provide bright finishing touches to cosmetic boxes such as gloss/matte lamination. To get a shiny look, choose glossy, while matte lamination is the best option if you want a soft and non-shiny look, but it all depends on your preferences.

You may also discover many add-ons like raised-ink letters, die-cut windowed, embossing, spot UV, metallic foiling. Metallic foiling is a wonderful thing to apply on the package; you can also have many color options according to your requirements.

The Most Effective Business Promotional Tool

Another option to marketing the strategy is to customize your cosmetic boxes in various ways, making it an excellent advertising tool. To make your cosmetics boxes perfect and original, you may print your company logo, motto, or a unique image of your product. After you’ve printed the text and images to your cosmetic boxes, you may add the printing finish options too.

You may add a glossy coating and lamination to your cosmetic boxes for an added finishing touch. Embossing, stamping, and other digital printing techniques increase the appearance and attractiveness of your product.

Effective Business Promotional Tool

Introduce Eco-friendly Boxes

In this package design, we mix eco paper and paperboard to create a dynamic box structure, which is then combined with graphic design to simulate the building aspect of cosmetic boxes. The complete package design delivered by us is eco-friendly while still delivering the beauty of art.Kraft Boxes are a great option if you want to stay in eco-friendly packaging.

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Do Something Extra

Doing something extra for your customers, such as printing on the inside of any cosmetic box, can undoubtedly help you market your brand. Currently, cosmetic boxes can only be printed on the outside, but putting the cosmetic box on the interior can also attract customers. You can also customize the inside of your own boxes with our online box designer.

If you own a business and want to take it from average to exceptional, you must make your items’ visual presentation luxurious, as this is the primary source of attention. If you want your business to appear luxurious, spend a little money on luxury rigid boxes. There are several ways to make them a bespoke box for your cosmetic products.

We are also aware that the aesthetic aspect of the package attracts clients. To take this into account, our firm offers several finishes that contribute to give cosmetic boxes a great and current appeal. In addition, you may establish your brand identity by putting your logo on the cosmetic boxes. You can also put explanations and specific instructions on these boxes and inform buyer of the restricted usage of the cosmetic before the expiry date.

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