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One of the advantages of chocolate is to supply energy to the body because it’s many calories. However, there are different types of chocolates with different compositions, so their health benefits vary from one to another. The present kinds of chocolate are white, milk, pink or ruby, medium bitter, and bitter or black.

Chocolate could be a demonized food within the everyday diet. It’s common to believe that eating chocolate is falling into the inevitable and unforgivable sin that destroys all diets. However, its purest and healthiest version, chocolate without large amounts of sugar, saturated fat, flavoring or flavoring chemicals, and calories, has multiple health benefits. This, added to its versatility to be incorporated into recipes, makes it an essential ingredient.

Thirty grams of chocolate contains a median of 120 calories. The best is to consume chocolate, preferably medium bitter or dark, for breakfast or as a maximum dessert after lunch, during this way the calories are going to be used during the day to get energy. If chocolate is consumed at nighttime, these extra calories will probably be deposited as fat within the body, since it’s at rest during sleep.

Benefits of dark and medium cooking chocolate

The benefits of dark or medium baking chocolate, also called dark or pure chocolate, mainly boost blood circulation and stop cancer because it’s rich in antioxidants. However, it also has other benefits which are:

It is suitable for the guts because it promotes adequate blood flow thanks to the fact that its powerful antioxidants belonging to the group of flavonoids, which are catechins, epicatechins, and procyanidins;

It stimulates the central system and therefore the heart muscles since it’s theobromine, which could be a substance with action just like caffeine;

It gives a sense of well-being, because it stimulates the serotonin hormone, improving mood and relieving stress;

It helps to lower vital sign  and improve blood circulation because it produces gas, a gas that helps relax the arteries;

It increases the great cholesterol and reduces the lousy cholesterin, also helping to stop the formation of atherosclerosis plaques within the arteries, that it’s a cardioprotective effect because of its powerful antioxidant content;

Helps improve brain function, because it increases blood flow to the brain because it contains stimulating substances like caffeine and theobromine, helping to forestall diseases like Alzheimer’s;

Protects the skin against the sun because of its bioactive compounds like flavonoids that protect the skin against damage caused by UV rays;

It increases the sensation of satiety, making it excellent for weight control, as long because it is consumed sparsely.

To obtain all the chocolate properties, it’s enough to eat a square of dark or half baking chocolate, which is approximately 6 g per day.

Benefits of Chocolate

White chocolate is created only with cocoa butter and doesn’t have the identical benefits as milk, dark or medium chocolate. Despite this, it contains little or no caffeine and theobromine, which might be a bonus, especially for people who cannot consume these substances for a few medical reasons.

Differences between kinds of chocolate

The differences between the prevailing styles of chocolates are:

White chocolate:  has no cocoa and has more sugar and fat.

Milk chocolate: it is that the most typical and has some amount of cocoa, milk, and sugar.

Ruby or rosé chocolate could be a new sort of chocolate, which contains 47.3% cocoa, milk, and sugar. Its pink color is natural, since it’s made up of the Ruby cacao bean, so it doesn’t have flavorings or colorants. Additionally, to the current, it’s a characteristic red fruit flavor.

Medium bitter chocolate: the one with 40 to 55% cocoa, the little amount of cocoa butter, and sugar.

Dark or bitter chocolate: it is that the one that contains more cocoa, between 60 to 85%, and less sugar and fat.

The more cocoa the chocolate has, the more benefits it’s for health. Therefore the benefits of medium dark and semi-sweet chocolate are more significant for health because they’re rich in antioxidants.

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Benefits for the skin:

Its consumption and incorporation in masks can significantly improve the skin due to two antioxidants: phenols and catechins. These nutrients regenerate the skin and reduce its inflammation, which may be very useful when faced with a sunburn. It also moisturizes and softens the dermal surface, contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals that cause aging, smooths wrinkles, and improves circulation.

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