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For a long time, essential oils are one of the main components of aromatherapy.  Essential oils are nothing but the pure raw extra of any particular plant. Due to the diverse growth of plants, we get multiple kinds of essential oils with each having a separate benefit in our body. The chemical present in the essential oils cannot be consumed but applied in particular areas of our body and for aroma treatments. White sage Essential Oil Wizardry is one of the most popular and best selling essential oil because of its multiple benefits. This plant is a native to north-western Mexico and south-western part of the United States.

Uses of white sage essential oil


White Sage Oil

Extracted from the leaves of the white sage plant this oil is used for various purposes.

  • Used in aromatherapy
  • Used in medicinal purpose
  • Used as a natural perfume
  • Used traditionally as smudge sticks
  • Used as foamless shampoo and conditioners in California

Benefits of essential oil

Sage oil contains different chemicals like camphor, alpha and beta thujone, 1, 8 Cineole, and alpha-Pinene. Each of them has different benefits in our body.

1, 8-Cineole

  • It is antibacterial
  • It is anti-fungal
  • It is anti-viral
  • It prevents spasmodically
  • It reduces tension
  • It improves blood flow in our body
  • It calms our mind
  • It reduces cold and cough
  • It is anti-inflammatory

Alpha- Pinene

  • It works as an antiseptic
  • It is Bronchodilator
  • It works as an expectorant
  • It also prevents inflammation


  • It is easily absorbent
  • It gives both cooling and warming effect in our body
  • It is also pain releasing and aesthetic in nature
  • It releases nasal congestion as a good decongestant
  • It suppresses cough
  • It reduces fever
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Due to our abundant source of flora and fauna, there is a variety of Essential Oil Wizardry we come across with multiple benefits of their own. Just getting a vial of this stuff would go a long way. This way we can relax at any time we want.

Herbal medicines are available in different forms and the users often rely on these medicines because of their lack of side effects and high quality. The kava tincture is one such medicine that is used for calming and as an anti-depressant. Unlike the various medicines available today, kava does not have any side effect as such which is a major reason behind its popularity. The medicine is available in the Pacific Ocean area and the natives of the region use it in the form of powder along with water or coconut milk. The root of the plant is particularly beneficial and can be used in preparing herbal medicines- fresh or dried.  The extractor tincture prepared from the herb is used for making various herbal supplements available in the market today. In this article, we are going to share the different forms in which kava is available and how to use them.

  • Kava tea


Kava Tea

Making a tea-like infusion using the kava roots is the most common form of having this herb. Kava tea is sold independently or blended with other herbs to promote a calm and relaxed mind and brewed using hot water. However, check the kavalactone content of the readymade tea that you are buying to make sure it is a product of quality. The kava teas with ingredient tagged as the proprietary blend are not up to the mark and you will not be getting the effect you want.

  • Kava tincture
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Kava tincture is sold in bottles and the size usually ranges between 2-6 ounces. The product is highly concentrated and you will have to take the prescribed drops in water or another medium to prepare the drink. The resultant drink tastes slightly like whiskey. Usually, the dose for kava tincture is the minimum that is possible as the product is already highly concentrated and much more potent than the other forms available.

  • Kava capsules



Many people who cannot tolerate the taste of kava can have it in the form of capsules. Usually, the kava capsules have 100mg of kava root extract and have 30% kavalactones in it.

It is very important to know the concentration of kavalactones in the product that you are having. This will help determine the right item for your need and take the product properly. Too much or too little of the product will either have no effect or lead to side effects

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