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Curtains become dirty and fade over time due to dirt, dust, and indoor pollution. So, appropriate maintenance and cleaning should require to keep these pieces of clothes in original form or color. Moreover, cleaning is also necessary to make your home interior’s more attractive that depends a lot on the cleanliness as well as the color combination of these drapes. Day by day, curtains and drapes may become dirtier and darker just because of dirt and dust build-up on it that can be treated through curtain cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, it will also keep your home appear more attractive and aesthetic. On the other hand, appropriate cleaning will increase the life span of your curtains by preventing them from build-up. However, it’s a time and effort taking process, and most of the people avoiding to do it just because of hectic routines and work schedules. But don’t worry, you can also hire the professionals for this purpose to complete the tasks within time and effortlessly.

Furthermore, professional cleaning will make your curtains and drapes more productive by increasing the sparkle and brightness without any risk of damage. To keep your curtains and drapes well cleaned, you need to follow the following guidelines and tips either you are doing it yourself or with the help of professionals:

Regular Cleaning Is Better Than Washing:

Curtains are made up of washable material but don’t need to wash with a machine or hands regularly. But if you are doing so then it may damage the color and material quality of the curtains. For this, you don’t need to wash out them regularly. So, cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner or drape cleaner is more than enough for regular maintenance.

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Use Chamois For Specific Fabric’s Drapes:

You don’t need to wash out the curtains in the washing machine every time. you can also clean and maintain these drapes with the help of chamois dipped in lukewarm water to refresh the fabric especially for velvet curtains. However, if cleaning is necessary just because of excess staining and dirt then do it also in lukewarm water. But don’t use hard chemicals and bleaches for it because a mild cleaner or detergent is enough for this purpose.

Let The Curtains Dry Into Dryer Machines Instead Of Sun:

When we talk about the specifications of curtains then our focus is on the type of fabric and material. The reason is you can’t dry all types of curtains under the sun like silk and velvet because sun heat may damage the color of those fabrics. Therefore, it’s better to use a dryer machine with a gentle drying cycle to dry out these drapes.

Moreover, even if you are doing the curtain steam cleaning or dry cleaning, don’t use harsh products and excess heat or steam pressure on the curtains.

Regular Washing is Required For Sheer Fabric Or Material:

No matter what’s the rate and ratio of dirt interaction with these types of curtains, regular washing is essential for these curtains to keep them clean and well-maintained. But if you are not doing this then the dirt may damage the color and quality of these fragile drapes within days.

So, you need to wash out these drapes regularly but gently with the help of gentle cleaners.

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Use Natural And Mild Cleaning Agents For Regular Maintenance:

To clean the curtains and drapes by yourself, you can use natural ingredients such as lemon juice that has great cleaning properties but not directly.  So, if you want to fresh up your curtains after cleaning then soak them into a mixture of lemon and water at least for 10 minutes. Later on, squeeze out all the water with the help of dryer.

Steam Cleaning Is Effective Especially When You Don’t Have Enough Time:

If you don’t have a lot of time because of busy work schedules and routines then steam cleaning is a great option to clean and maintain your curtains within minimum time. In this case, you don’t need to clean or wash out your curtains, simply use a steam cleaner and mild curtain cleaners if required to move out all the dust and build-up.

Inspect The Curtains Before Cleaning:

Even if you are doing the cleaning by yourself, inspection is essential to know about the specifications of your curtains as well as already existing damages. On the other hand, it’s also essential to know about the condition of dirt and another build-up on the curtains. So, you can select the cleaning method accordingly.

Stain Removal From Hanging Curtains Is Easier:

No matter what’s the type and condition of stains, it’s easier to remove or get out the stains from hanged or standing curtains instead of removing. It’s more effective especially when the curtains are larger and wider.

Remove Curtains Appropriately For Cleaning:

To clean the washable curtains and drapes, you may not need to put more time and effort. But you need to remove the curtains from hooks with great care.

  • Firstly, remove the curtains from hooks by opening all the knots.
  • Now, soak up the cloth or material of the curtain in lukewarm water before putting them into the machine.
  • Put the drapes into the washing machine and let them clean through a gentle cleaning cycle or cleaner.
  • Move out the curtains after the completion of the cleaning cycle and wipe out all the cleaning solution by dipping those curtains into clean water.
  • Later on, dry them out with the help of a dryer machine and let them allow to dry appropriately before using.
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