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The bed linen industry has been expanding rapidly with modern tweaks. Every other day we see new designs, patterns, and styles in bedding items. Traditional fitted sheets are one of these trends that are now available with contemporary edits in the market. The textile companies in Pakistan are doing a great job of reshaping traditional bedrooms with some vibrant hues without compromising the quality of the fabric. Today, we have different kinds of fitted sheets that can protect the mattress while promoting a healthy goodnight’s sleep. But, do you know why fitted sheets are taking the toll in the bedding industry of Pakistan? It’s because fitted sheets play a vital role in creating a perfect sanctuary and promoting cozy slumber. Fitted sheets require far less commitment than purchasing furniture. It’s a one-time task that won’t take any longer than an hour. Simply, look for your favorite fitted sheets company in Pakistan and choose a set as per your personal preference. Let’s delve further and get to know all about fitted sheets to help you with your buying decision. The details will help you buy quality fitted sheets for your bedroom from the best-fitted sheets manufacturer in Pakistan.

What Are Fitted Sheets?

A bedspread with elasticized corners drapes over the mattress to ensure a snug and secure fit is commonly known as a fitted sheet. Traditionally, fitted sheets are also known as bottom sheets or contour sheets. These are the ones used to protect and cover the mattress.

Fitted sheets are patented by the experts, that tuck around the edges of a mattress. It steers clear from spilling while sleeping and tossing around during slumber.

It prevents the need for tucking and folding of sheets beneath the mattress- making the job of draping the mattress pretty easy.

A distinguishing feature of fitted sheets is that their corners are elasticized to snug over the mattress tightly.

Why Are Fitted Sheets Best For Your Bed?

The significance of fitted sheets is often overlooked when considering the elements contributing to a goodnight’s sleep. But they hold prime importance. They work as your ‘night jacket,’ infusing the warmth, comfort, and insulation while sleeping.

A fitted sheet, when mounted on a mattress, makes your bed wrinkle-free and neat. It provides a lovely snug fit and doesn’t get loose during the night. Thus ensuring a restful sleep.

What Are the Types Of Fitted Sheets

available In Pakistan? 

By the end of the 19th century, cotton sheets were introduced, and since then, humans are fabricating several types of bedspreads. The common types of fitted sheets you will find in Pakistan are listed here.

Institutional fitted sheets are used for bedding in hotels, resorts, hospitals, and other institutions. They are woven with durable threads in innovative ways to create bedding that is comfortable and inviting. They are fabricated with utmost durability to withstand the rigors of laundering and rough usage.

Jacquard terry fitted sheets are stretchable sheets due to extra elasticity. It tends to stay cool during summers and warm during winters. They are trending due to their chic appeal.

Double jersey fitted sheets- are your perfect partner in bed due to their fashionable, highly durable, and comfortable traits. They give your bed an ideal mushy and homey layer.

50 50 polycotton fitted sheets are a blend of 50% cotton and 50%polyester. It’s a thin and lightweight fabric. It merges the soft and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton with the durability and non-iron properties of polyester. They refresh your bedroom with their classy, contemporary look.

Microfiber jersey fitted sheets are made of synthetic fibers that lend high durability, softness, and wrinkle-free nature.

Cotton fitted sheets are naturally breathable sheets, called ‘smart fabric.’ It senses your needs and adapts accordingly, so it’ll keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

Lycra fitted sheets are designed with a similar concept of weighted blankets. These sheets calm overstimulated children by providing deep pressure input.

Microfiber interlock fitted sheets are breathable and incredibly luxurious. Its comfortable nature helps to induce sound and soothing slumber.

Melange fitted sheets are wrinkle-free and easy to maintain linens. They add a luxurious feel to the room.

Molton 80 20 fitted sheets are fabricated with soft and fluffiest traits that provide the ultimate comfort while sleeping.

Moltons 50 50 fitted sheets are popular for highly durable and mushy traits. These sheets are easy going and provide chic bedding.

What Makes the Most Comfortable

Fitted Sheets?

We often ignore the importance of sheets when we talk about sound and peaceful slumber. Waking up fully rested in the morning is very important for your health. You spend one-third of your life span in bed. So, choosing the cozy and comfy sheets is kind of a big deal. The bedsheets are distinguished on the base of fabrics. Every fabric has different tendencies and thread count. The comfort and luxe of fitted sheets depend on the following features:

  •     Material – In the early days, bedsheets were produced with cotton fabric only. With the passage of time and adaptation of innovative techniques, bedsheets are fabricated in several fabrics.
  •     Weave – The weave affects the crips and softness of sheets. If you like sheets with a little snap, choose percale, it is a planer weave than sateen. There are various other weaving methods, as well. It depends on an individual’s personal preference.
  •     Thread count – All the buzz about the thread count is for real. But the assumption of higher thread count means more softness, isn’t always the case. A lower thread count sheet often results in ultimate softness. Because some fibers are soft by nature. They tend to produce smooth and fluffy sheets despite a lower thread count.

What Is the Best Thread 

Count for Fitted Sheets in Pakistan?

Thread count describes the total number of threads woven per square inch of material. This number encompasses the number of threads woven horizontally(weft) and the number of threads woven vertically(warp).

Thread count is the summing of the number of wefts and warps per square inch of fabric. A high thread count is typically associated with high-quality material because it’s assumed to make the sheets softer and durable. But top-rated sheets have thread count somewhere between 300 and 500.

Anything above 500 thread count isn’t necessarily better; there’s only so much thread woven together. On the flip side, you can find high-quality sheets with thread count under 300 as well.

On top of that, several tests have proved that the range between 300 and 500 is the sweet spot. The fitted sheets that fall into this range have several benefits. Your sheets will be long-lasting, and you can wash them frequently without any tear or pill. Though it will cost your pockets, it’s a wise investment because the feeling of tucking inside soft and mushy bed covers is priceless.

Who Sells The Best Quality

Fitted Sheets In Pakistan?

Best sheets not only feel comfy and cozy, but they also revamp your bedroom with their luxe feel. Fitted sheets hug your mattress tightly. They prevent you from pilling while tossing and turning around in slumber. The quality of a fitted sheet is based on fabric strength, pilling resistance, shrinkage from laundering, and wrinkle resistance.

Rainbow hosiery excels in fabricating a range of fitted sheets that appeal to those who look for quality. It is one of the promising textile companies in Pakistan for its premium quality fitted sheets.

What To Look For When Buying 

Fitted Sheets In Pakistan?

It’s very pleasant to imagine a bed that feels exquisitely soft and looks luxurious. Sheets neatly tucked in and of ample size to envelop you throughout the night.

But as you step into the market, there is a lot to consider. There are a lot of options that make the task of buying fitted sheets a daunting one! Make sure the linens you are choosing will last longer and feel good.

To make this experience pleasant for you, here are the things you need to know while you pay for when you go out to buy fitted sheets and sort through labels and claims.

Firstly, read the fiber content:

The fiber content of the sheet holds the utmost importance. One of the most popular choices when it comes to fitted sheets is cotton. It is ruling the industry because of its exemplary traits. However, cotton-polyester sheets are durable, last longer, and relatively inexpensive. But If you’re looking for that soft and fresh feel, nothing beats 100% cotton sheets. You’ll hardly wake up clammy on cotton fitted sheets because cotton tends to wick moisture away from your skin. Cotton doesn’t get stained, and its naturally breathable trait makes it the best choice among all.

Know the difference between weaves:

The fabric’s weave affects the way it looks, how it feels, its durability, and its price. Your primary options should be sateen and percale weave. A sateen weave has more vertical yarns that result in immensely soft fabric. But it is more prone to pilling and tearing than a plain weave.

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Percale is popular for its longevity and crisp feel. It has a basic grid-like weave that produces lightweight sheets. Intricate weaves such as damasks and jacquard have a textured feel. They are also highly durable but considerably more expensive because its manufacturing process includes special looms.

Examine the thread count:

The higher thread count doesn’t guarantee the high quality of the fabric. Manufacturing techniques produce brands with high thread counts without increasing quality. Several tests have shown that 300 to 500 is the sweet spot for strength and softness. You can find even higher than 500-thread-count sheets, but they may not be soft and comfy. Anything below 200 will be prone to tear and pill.

Check the standard size of the bed

Standard sizes like queen or king beds don’t account for your mattress depth. Always make sure to measure the depth of your mattress before you go out to buy the sheets for it. You should also leave some margin for laundry and shrinkage. Fitted sheets snug tightly to your mattress; therefore, its perfect size is essential.

Scrutinize the return policy

You can/t be sure about the fitted sheets until you have tried them out. Sometimes things that look better don’t feel better. It is wise to always check the return policy of the fitted sheets company in Pakistan before investing your hard-earned money.

What are the attributes of the 

Best Fitted Sheets Manufacturing Company?

Company culture plays a critical role in its functioning. Its development needs constant efforts and customer service strategies to outperform competitors. Here are the several attributes of fitting sheets manufacturing companies that make them successful:

Production Cost and Technology:

The best manufacturing company has the characteristics of high intensity of labor and low intensity of capital. It’s a win-win situation, and it can be achieved by:

  • Reducing material cost
  • Boosting worker’s efficiency
  • Controlling manufacturing overheads
  • Reducing carriage cost of inventory
  • Optimizing the production output level

Strong & Positive Leadership: 

Good companies have efficient employees and decisive leaders. They know how to steer the course of organization in different situations. They provide a healthy working environment by building strong relationships with their employees. They motivate their team by holding everyone to a higher standard of responsibility and accountability. Their result-oriented approach boosts the goodwill of the company.

Production Circuit:

Fitted sheets company is a part of a large circuit that revolves around the production of bed linens. It includes all the stages of production- that is, the flow of raw materials within the industry. It comprises the fabric production, designing, preparation, production, distribution, and consumption of textiles.

The company’s various variables include quality, cost, access to quality inputs, reliability, and transportation cost. This complete network from raw materials to the finished product is mentored by the experts to ensure every individual’s outstanding performance.


To attain the epitome of sustainability, finished products should take place with the help of renewable materials. It is an important characteristic of a good company. Lately, a lot of companies have adopted this policy by employing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. It is a great move- and probably the only option we have. As the world is at a turning point, whatever we do on this planet should be sustainable.

We can do this by producing fitted sheets of eco-friendly fabrics. It will, in return, affect our bodies in the right way. Sheets produced with natural fibers are highly breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic. Becoming environmentally conscious means yarn should be stipulated in an eco-friendly manner without employing toxic chemicals and pesticides in the process of growing natural fibers.

Ensuring responsibility:

The most important trait of a successful company is to understand the environmental and social responsibility. By functioning harmlessly, you can impose less strain on the planet’s resources. The best is produced without damaging the surroundings.

Good quality products:

Better ways lead the best products. Sheets produced with organic and treated fabrics ensure a soft and soothing feel. Such fabrics are skin-friendly and provide a perfect night’s sleep. When you tuck in your soft and cozy sheets after a long day, it helps you release all your anxiety and fatigue and ensures sound slumber.

Great companies produce better quality products to meet their buyer’s demands. This gesture also increases its goodwill in the market.

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Provide Excellent Customer Service:

The most important attribute of a good company is they work on the phenomena of “the customer is always right.” Because a customer who feels respected and appreciated will stick with you and buy your products, if you don’t understand your customer’s concerns, you may not be able to maintain a customer base. Be sure to pay attention to your customer’s demands and needs and provide your customer with excellent service.

What Is the Process Of Efficient

Manufacturing Of Fitted Sheets In Pakistan?

Textile manufacturing is a long process founded on the conversion of fiber into yarn and yarn into fabric. These fabrics then go through dyeing, printing, and packaging before they are shipped for selling. The manufacturing process of fitted sheets in Pakistan includes the following steps:

Procuring Fiber

The manufacturing process begins with purchasing and shipping of respective fiber to the sheeting manufacturer.


The fibers pass through blended tubes to a carding machine that orients and aligns the fiber in the same direction.

Drawing & testing

Here the fibers are further blended and straightened. Several strands of fiber are drawn together into one strand with the help of a roving frame. The roving frame twists and winds onto bobbins.


The spinning of the roving frame takes place on a ring spinner. Drawing and twisting the fiber into a small strand. After that, the yarn is wound onto bobbins, which are cradled on a bobbin winder to wind the thread onto a section beam that will eventually fit into a loom for the process of weaving.


Warping beam that holds all the yarns cannot be stacked at once. 500-600 ends of yarns are pulled onto one section beam, for the process of warping. Eventually, all the stacked section beams will be loaded onto a large warping beam.


Every warping beam passes through the slasher- equipment used to coat yarn with starch to prepare it for weaving.


All these warping beams are then stacked onto a large loom beam. All the yarns are tied onto old yarns with the help of a machine called knotter, in a couple of minutes. These knots are pulled through a machine so the weaving can begin.


The process of weaving takes place at high speed as a result of which a sheet is woven on a loom and shipped for further processing.

Cleaning & Bleaching

The fabric undergoes the process singeing- it is a process used to burn off the projecting yarn ends, fibers, and fuzz. Then the sheet is ready to bleach to remove contaminants.


Every single fitted sheet is dyed in various colors. Even pure white sheets are also dyed to attain fresh and pure white color. After the application of pigments to the sheets, they are steamed to set the tone. Then it is rolled onto huge rolls; now, it is ready to undergo cutting and sewing.

Cutting & Sewing

Automatic equipment cuts the fitted sheets at equal lengths. These sheets are then embellished with sewing the top and bottom hems.


Fitted sheets pass through a machine for folding purposes and then wrapped and packaged individually to go for sale.

Which Company Offers the Best

Manufacturing & Packaging of Fitted Sheets in Pakistan?

The right bedding is a life-changing investment. Several companies master in the art of manufacturing luxurious yet highly durable fitted sheets. But Rainbow hosiery’s fitted sheets are marked as a staple. They offer a selection of vibrant and magnificent hues that you’d love to mix and match with your duvets. They have incredible quality at an excellent price point. Their exclusive range of fitted sheets is immune to tear or pill with excellent packaging, which gives fitted sheets a fresh and understated look.


Rainbow hosiery is one of the leading textile companies in Pakistan that sells quality fitted sheets. We are a respectable name in the textile market for its commitment and immediate responsiveness to meet customer satisfaction. We are known for manufacturing fitted sheets that come in an array of fabric and colorful hues to make your bedroom aesthetically pleasant. We believe that sleeping in a soothing and pleasing atmosphere re-energizes your body and soul.

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