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Hunza, the beautiful mountainous valley in northern Pakistan; is one of the beautiful places in the world. Tourists across the world come to visit this place. It is situated in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan and borders China. It is a small town which comes on the way when you enter from china to Pakistan. The weather in this region is very cold, in the winter season, the mountains are always covered with snow. There are big glaciers, lakes and beautiful waterfalls for tourist’s interests.

Hunza valley can be a great destination for visitors as there is a beautiful valley, breathtaking lakes, waterfalls, heritage cultural places, lovely people, and amazing weather. The residents of Hunza valley are very friendly to welcome the guests.

Hunza valley tour packages

Thousands of tourists visit the valley every year and go with the wish in their heart to come again as soon as possible. If Hunza valley is said to be the paradise of earth, it will not be wrong. Tourists just lost in the mesmerizing beauty of nature. If you have not visited the place even living in Pakistan, just go out and grab the first available opportunity to see the breathtaking sights of this region.

It is often difficult for a lot of individuals and families to plan a tour with all the formalities of conveyance, stay, meal, and others. If all the things get settled without any tension, it is none easy than this. It is the reason that tourists prefer travel agencies to go out for vacations. If you are planning a tour to go out for refreshing your mind and soul, contact Zufta Travel & Tours. They are one of the experienced travel agencies of Pakistan which are entertaining hundreds of tourists each year to visit northern areas and specially Hunza valley. They are offering the best Hunza tour packages among other travel agencies. You do not need to worry about the vehicle and to search for the best hotel to live in. All the formalities of the tour are performed by our travel agents.

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Why Hunza valley is a must-visit place in Pakistan?

Hunza is a peaceful full and beautiful valley. There are many reasons to visit the place; some are discussed as under:

Worth watching places:

Beautiful lakes and waterfalls in the area are just mesmerizing. When a person sees the greenery and the pleasing views, he definitely gets positive vibes. Eye-catching sights hypnotize the tourist and he forgets all his worries and stress. All the valley is worth seeing in the autumn season while in winter, peaks and the valley is covered with snow.

Rich culture:

Hunza valley; before the division of India, was full of Hindus and Buddhist people. later, some people embraced Islam. Their culture is different from other regions. There are special festivals that are celebrated there like Gianni, Novroz, and Salgirahs.  Traditional food is made on these occasions and celebrated among all regional members. Most of the festivals are celebrated in the summer season.

Pleasant weather in the summer season:

The best time to visit Hunza valley is the summer season. The weather is cool and pleasant to enjoy the tour. You can visit all the locations easily. Snow from the lakes starts melting and the crystal clear water of the lakes appears in the summer season.

Beautiful lakes:

Attabad Lake is the most famous lake and a great tourist attraction. It is situated near Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan. The history of this lake is not as old as it was formed as the result of land sliding in 2010. People come to enjoy the beauty and stay there for fishing and boating. Satrangi Lake is also a famous lake situated approximately 40km from Hunza. It is also called Naltar lake. There is also another famous and beautiful lake; Borith lake. Trek for Borith lake is thrilling but the tourists should visit the eye-catching sight of the lake.

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Heritage sites in Hunza:

In central Hunza, there are remarkable sites to visit for tourists. Baltit fort and Altit fort are worth seeing. They are preserved as their heritage culture. These are the popular destination of tourists from other regions.


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