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If you really want to achieve success with your digital business, you will certainly have to pursue strategies that attract more and more customers and most importantly in a natural way with organic traffic.

Even more than that, you must retain these customers and this is where you should invest a lot more in lead generation. A well-implemented lead generation strategy is able to significantly reduce costs with other Marketing actions.

But is it possible to attract more and more potential customers and convert them into qualified leads? This is exactly what you will see next, I will show you killer strategies to increase your lead generation by 117%. Check out the article!

What is the Real Concept of Lead Generation?

I will give a brief explanation of the concept of lead here.

We call a qualified lead that potential customer that we live by calling his attention, our target that will convert and will soon help you promote your brand and restart the entire sales funnel cycle:

You have already defined your target audience and already listed your greatest wishes. Your job now is to attract this qualified lead through the content strategies he is really looking for. If you fulfill your lead’s request, he will no doubt become a customer and buy the product or service you have to offer.

Best Strategies to Increase Your Lead Generation

1. Homepage – The first impression is what remains

The subject here is: How does your homepage look? You should do a thorough analysis of the message you are sending to your new visitors. And yes, you must be very well prepared for this or you will not gain new leads.

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Whether adding a CTA at the top or improving the layout of featured articles, highlighting and focusing on main headlines or also selecting quality images. But the truth is just the more clean and objective your page is, the more it will be accepted and will convey your message more effectively.

2. Invest in Webnars

Most marketers, precisely 52% of them are certain that webinars and webinars are the most effective way to generate qualified leads for your website.

Not to mention the high cost x benefit of this strategy, you will be able to publicize your webnaries in the best articles on your site and success is guaranteed!

3. Ask Google for help to generate more leads

Especially in a digital environment, what everyone wants is speed and objectivity. A brief history follows.

A potential customer may have been interested in your content and your product or service, but when he signs up he is faced with numerous fields to fill in, but he is too late for his job. As a result, you missed this lead opportunity and maybe a few hundred.

The strategy here is, how about including the login button of the user’s own Google account? Google is extremely popular, some cell phone brands require a Google account for initial setup, that is, we already have enough users with a Google account out there.

Now think, if he finds the sign up button with the Google account and a button to create an account, he will know that the quickest way is to sign up with the Google account, so give him this power of choice which is more of a generated lead for sure.

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4. Pay more attention to the titles of your articles

It is undoubtedly the point that should receive the most attention within your website if you want to increase lead generation.

Attracting is the first job you should do, so the titles of your posts must be planned, created and revised to the point of making them impossible to be ignored by your audience and your potential customer.

And, also automobile insurance leads needs this strategy.

The highlighted keyword, the title structure and a call to action giving him an impulse to click to know the content. This makes a killer title and it will certainly convert into a lead.

Benefits You Will Have When Investing In Lead Generation

When you work 100% focused on rich content and focused on the real interests of your target audience, the chances are greater of increasing the generation of traffic to your website. Your landing page should be persuasive enough in combination with your content and bait for them to register and show real interest in your content. And what will you gain from this? Check it out:

1. Selected traffic to your website

You will no longer have any problems chasing blind traffic, your content will be relevant enough to attract your leads and get them to your website or sales pages via email marketing. Your job will only be to work more on the issue of specific content for your audience and gain more engagement from there.

2. Engagement

The hardest job you’ve ever done, attracted potential customers and achieved organic conversion. Now you must deliver much more to him, exclusive content, successful cases, solve all your doubts and show him that you are the answer for him.