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Parenthood is a journey that begins the day you see your little one for the very first time. Those little hands, cute tiny fingers, and the moment they look at you and smile, you realise how precious they are. One cannot even imagine using anything harsh on their sensitive skin. Therefore, choosing the right baby care products, such as creams, shampoos, oils, etc., is super important for every new parent.

Choosing chemical-free, natural products for the newborn is as important as feeding them the right food. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and permeable since they’re still developing. Hence, they are more prone to infections and allergies.

Moreover, it becomes challenging to select the right product, with newer varieties in the range of products for newborn baby. But do not worry; this article contains all the information you need to know before buying baby care products for your little one. So let’s begin!

Types of Chemical Free Shampoos for Babies

Looking for a good chemical and additive-free baby shampoo is a task. To help you out, we have segregated the products according to their functions.

Sensitive Baby Shampoo: Some shampoos are entirely vegan and lab-tested, and perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. They gently clean the baby’s scalp and hair. They contain plant-based ingredients that make them ideal for newborns with skin sensitivities or allergy concerns. In addition, they are incredibly mild and do not irritate their eyes as well.

Natural Baby Shampoo: Natural or clean baby shampoos are the most gentle on a baby’s skin. They are also pediatric-approved and extremely mild. They are suitable for conscious parents who prefer only natural ingredients for their new-born. They are soap-free and have herbal properties that help maintain the pH level of the baby’s soft skin without causing irritation. In addition, these shampoos contain natural oils such as seed oil, olive oil, etc., to nourish a baby’s scalp and hair.

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Tear Proof Shampoo: Some shampoos are harsh and can make your baby cry uncontrollably. These shampoos contain soap or chemicals that can irritate their eyes. Tear-proof shampoo, as the name suggests, does not hurt your baby’s eyes. These shampoos are entirely soap and chemical-free and perfect for your little one.

Fragrance-Free: A baby’s skin is super sensitive and prone to rashes or even eczema. Shampoos with fragrance can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions. Chemical-free baby shampoos are usually fragrance-free for this reason. Before buying a shampoo for your baby, always read the label to ensure it is fragrance and paraben-free. You don’t want your child to suffer, so it’s better to be careful before than to be sorry later.

Tip to Toe Shampoos: These are multipurpose and are tested by ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and paediatricians. They are sulfate and parabens-free. They contain skin-natural ingredients and prebiotic moisture to keep the baby’s scalp and skin healthy. Since they’re whole body washes, they create a  perfect balance between cleansing and hydration.

Using tip-to-toe shampoo ensures that you use a single product rather than tons of different things to clean your baby’s body. Which eventually might get overwhelming for a baby’s skin to bear. They are also hypoallergenic and extremely safe to use on the entire body.

Cleansing: These shampoos thoroughly clean your baby’s hair and scalp. When choosing a cleansing shampoo, make sure it is moisturising and does not dry out your baby’s scalp. Their lather leaves the skin fresh and dewy. Also, choose the ones that are chemical-free and contain plant-based ingredients.

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In all, one must avoid fragrance and phthalates in any babycare product. Phthalates are added in fragrances and can lead to respiratory conditions even in an unborn child. Therefore, parents must avoid all fragrant products and opt for natural chemical-free products for the baby.

Parabens are synthetic preservatives that are sometimes present in baby shampoos and body washes. They are extremely harmful to your baby’s delicate skin and can cause serious health problems later on. Choose paraben and sulfate-free shapoos not only for your baby but even for yourself. These synthetic chemicals work magically but also cause a lot of damage to our health and environment.

Baby’s are precious, and it is your responsibility as parents to provide them with the best. Never compromise on the quality of the products due to price. Your little one is worth more than all the money in the world.

Be vigilant when you buy baby care products, read the labels carefully and always choose natural products. For example, selecting an excellent chemical-free shampoo can save your baby from various skin allergies and irritation. Chemical-free shampoos are easily available now, and you can buy them from any departmental store or shop for them online. They come in a wide price range, and you can choose the one according to your budget.



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