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Is there a gap between your front teeth, or do you have a broken or damaged tooth that you can’t wait to get rid of? Composite bonding provides the best solution. It is a highly desired solution for such problems and other similar ones as it does not involve drilling. It is made of tooth-coloured composite materials and is useful for repairing chipped tooth and also altering the size and colour of your teeth.

Compared to dental crowns and veneers, composite bonding is very fast and affordable to get. With just a visit to the dentist, you can go back home with a complete tooth repair without straining your pocket. Maybe you are dealing with a chipped tooth or teeth discolouration; composite bonding is the cosmetic solution for you.

Will composite bonding last a lifetime, or will you need to do it again?

Composite bonding is a durable procedure, but it may not last a lifetime. It is known to last up to 5 to 7 years if the patient maintains proper oral hygiene. Some bad oral habits make composite bonding not last as long as they should. These habits are discussed in the latter part of this work, and they must be avoided.

Why are some cases of dental bonding not permanent?

Porcelain and composite are the two materials used for making dental bonding. Though this two are materials of excellent quality, they cannot be compared to your natural enamel; hence they can easily stain or damage.

With that in place, you should know that the composite bonding procedure is completely painless as there are no drilling or injections. Also, it is a great way to restore your tooth and keep it from further damage. Are you wondering what may happen if they chip or break? They can be easily fixed. Also check how much do veneers cost Melbourne.

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Tips for maintaining your dental bonding

Maintain your white smile by sticking to the following guidelines:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily. Also, go for a professional cleaning every six months.
  • Do not bite hard on ice cubes, hard candies and other tough materials as they can chip the composite
  • Do not apply pressure on the treated tooth. You apply pressure by opening food cans, biting the tip of your pen or fingernails, and that must be avoided.
  • Avoid highly pigmented foods and beverages as they can stain your composite over time.
  • Stop smoking if you are a smoker. Tobacco is one of the most typical causes of dental stains and can also lead to gum diseases and oral cancer. You need to drop it for better health.

Other factors that influence the durability of your dental bonding

Oral hygiene and eating habits are not the only factors that affect the durability of your composite bonding. The following are also a part of them:

  • Teeth grinding: do you have a history of grinding your teeth at night? Wear a mouth guard to sleep. This will prevent you from chipping or cracking your composite bonding, but that’s not all. Other dental problems like teeth sensitivity and jaw pain will also be avoided.
  • The location of the bonding: if your dental bonding is located at the edge of your tooth or front tooth, it has a higher tendency to crack.
  • Uneven bites: the natural enamel is more robust than composites. This is why having an uneven bite will add unwanted pressure to the bonding and damage it.
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With all being said, we end by saying that the lifespan of your composite bonding depends primarily on you, your dentist, and your ability to keep to the routine appointments. Composite resins are breakable and are subject to wear and tear. But like everything in life, they can last long if you care for them.

Composite bonding is a suitable solution for everyone and is very useful for correcting mild irregularities and closing gaps between teeth. It is a pain-free procedure and comfortable to carry.

Composite bonding may be all you need to achieve a healthy smile. Let it boost your confidence. It does not take more than an appointment to get it done. Book an appointment for your composite bonding in London.

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