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Online rummy games are fun and can stretch for hours if you really dive in with your passion especially at the cash tables. The thrill of playing live rummy games online with players from all across the country on several gaming sites in India is a phenomenon that brings excitement like no other. 

Online rummy sites are bringing in so many fresh elements in the game that it is nearly impossible to resist the temptation. Plus, the interesting quotient of winning real money by playing skill based rummy cash games is an opportunity that online rummy fans do not wish to let go. 

However, there are times that skill games like these can take a toll on your mental health and stress you out. So, there needs to be a back-up plan of things to do to pull you out from that mental zone and help you catch a good break. Let’s break it down then.

  • Go Physical

Let’s say you have been playing cash games of rummy online for 2 hours straight. You won some, you lost some too and now you want to break even. The better move here would be to switch your streaming mode from mental to physical.

Physical doesn’t mean just hitting the gym. It could be a different set of activities that you might enjoy more than a taxing workout. The idea is to snap out from the mental mode of online rummy cash games and become more present physically. 

So, just close the game app window and switch on to your favorite music app and tune in to some rock and roll and start cleaning up any mess around you. Yes, it’s that simple. Or maybe, you could just do the dishes, chat with a friend or simply go for a walk in the park nearby and get some fresh air.

  • Take some “Me” time

We all know what “Me time” means for each one of us. Folks may not have stressed enough on how important it is to detach yourselves time to time from the virtual world that overloads you with relentless information.

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 So, anytime you sit to play rummy online for a long satisfying session, put a stop watch so that you do not exceed the committed time and get off the table as planned to avoid binge playing. When your set hours are over, get up and zoom in to something relaxing that can unwind you from the mental zone of online rummy. Here are some ideas.

  1. Pick up your diary and note down your recent results from your recent online rummy games, write about the leaks that affected your game and keep the book aside. You can refer your notes an hour before you play your next session of online rummy games.
  2. Tune in to some white noise, make your favorite cup of coffee and pick up a book you that has been demanding your attention for a long time. Make sure it is a light read, ideally a fiction, not anything heavy. Sounds good, right? If it is evening time, some mood lighting in your room should set the tone for you.
  3. Feel free to take a walk in the balcony, terrace or the park nearby. When you are in direct touch with Mother Nature, she shall reward you with some fresh breeze helping you unwind and put your worries to rest.
  • Meditation

Meditation & Yoga are perhaps an all rounded solution to all kinds of mental stress and in many cases, certain illnesses. It is the absolute weapon to connect with your inner voice and reflect on your daily choices and challenges in life and filter your negative thoughts away. 

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This may sound like a drag, however, early morning is a great time to meditate and stretch yourself a bit physically while charging yourself mentally under the rising sun to generate positive action oriented thoughts and goals for the day. Something, you will never regret. A great number of professional players, whether in rummy or other challenging skill games like poker, meditate in white noise before major tournaments to boost their mental focus and agility.

So, next time you end up with a frustrating or a heightened session of online rummy cash games, consider one of these things from the de-stress plan and see how it helps you perform even better next time you sit on the table.

If you are ready by now, perhaps we could take this break to introduce you to some splendid online rummy promotions running on one of India’s highly rewarding rummy platforms, RummyBaazi.

RummyBaazi: Win up to 30LAC in September Cash Dash on RummyBaazi

RummyBaazi, an Indian rummy site has been offering some highly rewarding promotions and opportunities for online rummy players of all stakes and calibre with some top of the line online tournaments tied with big rewards. This month around, the online rummy site has released some excellent online rummy games and tournaments for players to cash in some big prizes for very affordable buy-ins.

Here’s the monthly list of tournaments.

Rummy Tournament Prize Pool Buy In Date & Time
1LAC Sunday Special 1 LAC INR 500 Every Sunday, 8PM
25K Depositor’s Freeroll 25K INR 200, Deposit code, “Daily25K” Every Evening, 10PM
1K RP Tournament INR 600 INR 10 Every evening 5PM
Daily 10K RP Tournament 10K 10 Reward Points( can be earned in cash games) Re-buy for INR 100 Every Day, 10PM
Free Entry tournaments 3K Free 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM
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Happy Gaming!

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