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Most professionals are pen and paper people. They prefer the age-old art of taking work notes on paper to tablets and laptops. There is even data out there that proves this point. Note-taking by hand has a ton of benefits. It is a motor exercise that engages your language, muscle movement, thinking, and memory centers simultaneously.

The pen is hands down mightier than the keyboard among learners since scribbling notes down, aids recall. Computers however have their unique advantages. On them, you will type faster, and your work will have a professional look. Processed documents are also easier to share and publish. These traits are perfect for the meeting minute taking.

This is the reason AI meeting minutes tools are a work of genius. Below are five differences between theirs and the traditional pen and paper minute writing process.

1.    AI meeting minutes increase productivity

Managers spend over 35% to 50% of their working hours in meetings. That is a lot of time when you consider that 67% of all meetings are unproductive. Instead of creating consensus, discussing, and developing ideas, most meetings are buzz killers. Most employees attend at least 62 meetings each month. These forums cost as much $1000 each year! It is time to rethink the traditional meeting.

AI meeting assistants such as Aira can make a meeting more efficient. Aira is a voice artificial intelligence platform that records meetings and transcribes all proceedings. She will then upload all meeting notes to one accessible virtual folder. This them accessible to all meeting members.

Aira enhances productivity by becoming the designated company minute meeting taker. You can use her to share the meeting’s agenda beforehand. Streamline your meeting and prevent time wastage via AI tools.

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2.    AI meeting minutes increase staff morale

Meetings are here to stay. Transform them from the time sinks they are to valuable business processes. Employees, for instance, have to deal with all artifacts and documentation associated with business meetings. A meeting organizer will need to dig up reports, old minutes, agendas, and action plans. They will also need to review past reports and dig up old emails.

This is the tragedy of physical minute taking processes. All these actions will not only drain your employees but can lead to reporting inaccuracies. AI meeting minutes, on the other hand, are pristinely documented and stored. AI meeting assistants will highlight the most critical information as a per keyword in use.

They will also parse complex data and output intelligent information fast. They will save your employees a lot of time and mental anguish.

3.    AI meeting minutes enhance accountability

Businesses hold meetings to brainstorm and to make decisions. Meetings also creates an optimum discussion and feedback environment. Virtual AI assistants will record deadlines and send reminders as these time limits approach. They will create a single version of the truth for all participants.

By ensuring that no one forgets the intentions, actions, and follow-ups, your meetings will become more productive. Unlike traditional meeting minutes, the AI meeting minutes will keep all members accountable. This action reduces escalations and frustrations.

4.    AI meeting minutes increase collaboration

Multitasking and distractions are an immense problem in meetings. A meeting minute taker for instance is expected to focus on the meeting while scribbling notes. As mentioned, writing by hand is an intensive mental process. For this reason, meeting chairs often find it impossible to direct the flow of a meeting and write the meeting notes.

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Fortunately, AI meeting minutes writing tools have solved this dilemma. These minute taking tools will listen in, record, transcribe and then give you polished meeting minutes. They will not lose focus or tire out. Consequently, there will be better personal interactions between meeting members.

Every meeting attendee will focus on the agenda and core topics and contribute to the flow of ideas. The outpouring of creative solutions to challenges will build team rapport. All your employees will also relax and build unguardedness. improving the way they work with each other.

5.    AI meeting minutes saves time and money

Every business holds meetings to enhance their bottom line through creative problem-solving. Productive meetings can help employers create additional revenue streams. The traditional meeting minute taking processes can be inefficient and the antithesis of these goals.

In contrast, meeting tools that combine artificial intelligence and natural language programming can contribute to your bottom line. Their minute taking and organization prowess will save time wasted on unproductive meetings. Your workforce will spend less time on document processing and review.

Precise, and accurate meeting notes will also enhance accountability. Ergo, all staff will meet their goals. AI meeting notes will ensure easy tracking of actions, less rework, and duplication. These actions when combined will have a massive positive impact on profit and revenue generation.


AI assistants have become a staple amongst consumers with Siri and Alexa’s presence filling up homes. The AI virtual assistant will also become a critical business tool. These minutes taking masters will help employees enjoy meetings and become more productive.