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Arranging an overhaul or simply need to sell your car for a tad of additional money? Not certain how to go about it or what to do? Indeed, you’ve gone to the opportune spot as we have a convenient guide for you on the most proficient method to sell your car dubai.

Before we begin, there are various ways on the best way to sell your car in the UAE. Selling the vehicle secretly, exchanging your car to a vendor or selling your car to an organization. Underneath, we have all the data you require, in addition to the upsides and downsides for every one of the three strategies on the best way to sell your car in the UAE.

What you have to figure out in advance 

Prior to selling your car here are a couple of things that should be arranged before any cash is traded.

  • Eliminate the Salik tag; Salik labels don’t carry over to the new proprietor as Salik labels are enlisted in the individual’s name, not the car. On the off chance that the tag isn’t taken out and the new proprietor drives underneath a door, you’ll be the one paying for their excursions. (in case you’re actually utilizing the car, don’t eliminate it until it’s sold).
  • Fines; Any fine acquired whether it be a leaving ticket, speeding fine or something different, all must be paid off before the car can be offered to any gathering.
  • Car credits; If the car has been bought by means of an advance, you have to clear the advance in advance. (At any rate several days because of bank freedom). On the off chance that this isn’t cleared, the RTA won’t permit you to move.
  • Protection; Needs to be dropped. Can be moved.
  • Administration and clean your car; one of if not the main pieces of this entire rundown.
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Protection note; If your vehicle has in any event seven months or additionally staying on your present protection plan, the approach can be moved to the buyer on the off chance that they meet the necessary standards of the insurance agency. Not all organizations will move the protection; we’d exhort you check with the insurance agency.

On the off chance that there is as yet seven months or all the more left on your protection strategy, you can drop your approach and solicitation a discount. Dropping the arrangement requires verification the vehicle has been sold (you’ll need a duplicate of the new enrollment card as confirmation.)

Car advances note; Sources show that car credits/home loan can be moved from seller to buyer. An exceptionally uncommon event and should be moved to the new proprietor through intensity of lawyer.

With that far removed, we should kick you off in how to sell your car in the UAE.

The most effective method to sell your car secretly in the UAE 

There are obviously various ways you can sell your car in the UAE, yet by a long shot one of the most famous techniques for selling one’s car in the UAE is removing the center man and selling the car to someone else without any surprises.

It tends to be an overwhelming errand as you’ll be responsible for everything including picking up the telephone and ‘managing’ with expected clients, however we’re here to support you.

On the in addition to side, selling it secretly guarantees the most return as there are no commision charges or vendor expenses to be paid, all the cash goes straight in your pocket.

When posting your car available to be purchased, take acceptable photos of your vehicle and guarantee potential buyers can see the car in full. Dubicars suggests you utilize no under seven pictures including;

  • The front (left and right side)
  • The back (left and right side)
  • Inside (front)
  • Inside (back)
  • Wheel shot (front wheel)
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In the event that there is anything exceptional about the car or any adjustments made, make certain to snap a photo of that as well.

Whenever you have all the photos arranged and transferred, make certain to add all the data (specs) about your car available to be purchased. Ensure all the details you add are in or on the car.

When posting the car, don’t be bashful. Add all the choices for the vehicle your selling and do it precisely. The exact opposite thing you need is time squanderers continually calling you getting some information about choices of the vehicle.

In the event that there are any flaws, gouges or scratches on the car, ensure you note them down in the depiction when selling your car secretly, that way buyers won’t be stunned or irate when they look at the vehicle.

On the off chance that the car your selling has full-administration history, try to remember that for the depiction. Different notes buyers like to see incorporate the number of proprietors the vehicle has had, a non-smoking car, never determined rough terrain, remaining guarantee and so on

It might be a debilitating cycle adding this data, yet in the event that you need the greatest return, you must ensure what the buyer peruses is actually what they are getting.

Whenever you’re done, kick back and hang tight for the calls/messages to begin coming in.


  • All the cash from the deal goes in your pocket!
  • You’ll get the value you need for the vehicle or if nothing else near it.
  • No extra gatherings included.


  • You need to sort out everything.
  • Can be irritating to arrange a period and spot to meet the buyer.
  • On the off chance that the car your selling is your principle method of transport you might be without a car for some time (until you purchase another one)
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Be cautioned, placing such an administrative work or notice in or on your vehicle expressing it is available to be purchased can land you in a difficult situation with the specialists. Stick to posting it on the web.

There are different ways with respect to how to sell your car in the UAE other than posting it on the web. Despite the fact that not as mainstream as they used to be, you can even now post paper classifieds and print off a promotion and pin it on notice sheets at markets or public venues.

Before we proceed onward, there’s something different you’ll need to deal with when selling your car secretly. Test drives.

Potential car buyers dubai will need to test drive your car available to be purchased as a methods for them to test the vehicle out. Here are a couple of things Dubicars prescribes when a buyer needs to test drive your car.

  • Ensure they hold a legitimate UAE drivers permit (don’t acknowledge licenses from some other nation).
  • Set a foreordained course ideally in a calm zone with a great deal of open space.
  • Try not to let the buyer drive the vehicle without anyone else!
  • In the event that there are any knocks, scratches, imprints and so forth, ensure you’re both mindful prior to setting off.

Protection in the UAE covers the vehicle as long as the driver holds a substantial UAE driving permit.

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