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Every company has a uniform for their staff. Having a uniform for the workplace promotes equality and sense of unity. It also creates a sense of belongingness to the company. The uniform that your staff wear also becomes your brand identity among clients and customers in the market. Thus, choosing the right uniform is a crucial task.

Most companies like to go for customised uniforms as there are many benefits of using customised work uniforms in Melbourne.

  • You can get a chance to be creative and make your employees stand out from the crowd.
  • When you go for bespoke work clothing, you can make sure that the uniform is designed to your exact specification with special functionality to suit the staff preferences.
  • When chose bespoke work uniforms, there are no chances of other companies clearing out the stock you need.
  • The employees also feel pride in what they are wearing with specially designed custom uniforms.
  • With a custom work uniform, you can implement the dress code easily.

Here’s a look at easy steps to help choose a bespoke work uniform for your staff:

  • Purpose

You must be clear about your purpose of getting customised work uniforms made. The reason for getting a custom uniform can be for building brand awareness, improving a professional image or for better promoting your company compared to competitors. Staff uniform can play a significant role in customer engagement. It should also boost employee satisfaction and culture.

  • Requirement

You must consider the practical needs of various staff and job roles. You must pay attention to durability, protection, functionality and comfort. You must also consider the environment in which the uniform needs to be effective such as outdoor or indoor, hot or cold weather, day or night, office-based work or fieldwork.

  • Quantity

You might need some calculations at this step. You will need to know the details of how many employees in each role will need a staff uniform, the number of male and female employees, etc. And not every garment needs to be bespoke. You can discuss minimum uniform production quantities with your company’s uniform supplier.

  • Budget

The next step is to determine your budget. You need to analyse what you need to spend on, what outcome you need to achieve and if it is in sync with your budget. You also need to decide how much you can invest initially and from where your budget will come from.

  • Design of the uniform

You can work with the uniform supplier and zero in on a design after brainstorming. Choose a design that is comfortable yet attractive and also synonymous with your company’s brand image. The work uniform should be appealing to your customers as well.

  • Fabric of the uniform

It is important to decide on the fabric of the uniform based on the working conditions of your staff. Also, you need to choose a colour that matches with your brand image. Some companies like to dress their employees in a colour code similar to their logo.

The last step is to finalise the work uniform based on the above-mentioned steps. Once everything is finalised, the production can begin. You can also discuss with your supplier about replenishment of the stock and how future orders will be managed.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help in getting a top-quality custom work uniform in Melbourne for your company that meets your specific uniform needs.

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