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What is an EHR? 

In the medical world, EHRs are immensely popular these days and it is rare to see a medical office without one. While most medical people related to the medical field know what EHRs are, some might be unaware of just how advanced EHRs these days have gotten. Apart from as the name suggests, to store electronic health records of patients and clients, they can take care of billing, scheduling, e-prescriptions and more. If you are interested in learning more about ClinicTracker EHR Software in particular which is also capable of all the aforementioned features, then keep on reading because we are about to break down some of its most popular features. 

Top Features of ClinicTracker

So what are some of the most well liked features of ClinicTracker EHR software according to the many ClinicTracker EHR Software review we see! Find some of the most talked about features listed below: 


  1. Scheduling

One of the biggest tasks at any medical practice or rather any office which regularly takes patients or clients is to be able to schedule them and have them show up on their allotted time. With ClinicTracker EMR software, you are able to do both these things. While it takes seconds to add in an appointment to your schedule and have it added to the physician’s calendar as well, it also sends reminders in the form of emails and text messages to patients to ensure a higher rate of them showing up or canceling if they can’t make it so you reduce the number of no-shows and can have productive working hours as well as the maximum amount of revenue generated from patient visits. 

  1. Billing

Billing is one of the most necessary parts of running a medical related practice. However, human errors tend to cause a lot of problems! This is why having an EHR which is sufficiently equipped to deal with your billing needs is a good idea. With ClinicTracker EHR you are able to simplify your billing needs. The EHR keeps tracks of non-payments and claims as well. It sends out reminders for these things so it can be easier for you to know when to follow up on a payment or claim as well. 

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  1. Templates and Customization

One of the best things about ClinicTracker EMR software is the fact that it is easy to customize your templates and the fact that it is suitable for not only traditional clinical settings but it works as an EHR for mental health providers and as behavioral health systems as well! The customization feature is something a lot of people talk about positively in their ClinicTracker EHR software review as it gives them a lot of flexibility to cater to their clients or patients in the exact way they want to! 

  1. Report Generation

Another perk of ClinicTracker EHR software is the fact that it can generate reports for you. Report generation is an essential part of the medical field. The software already has all the relevant data about the patient or client and can easily compile it in the form of a report. It can also include the test results you might have received for the patient from a lab into the report making it a seamless and exhaustive report for you to consult. 

  1. E-Prescription 

And finally, another great feature of ClinicTracker EMR software is the fact that it lets you make e-prescriptions for your patients and send them to a pharmacy near them for the utmost ease. This feature alone makes the ClinicTracker EHR software pricing worth it! It is very convenient for you to now make prescriptions for patients remotely so that they do not have to waste time by coming in to see you again and you do not have to dedicate a block of time for them to come in just for the simple task of making a prescription! 

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Should you Invest in ClinicTracker? 

We are going to be honest, the ClinicTracker pricing can seem high to a lot of people. However, you should also keep in mind that the benefits of the system are countless. If the features mentioned above are things you have been in search of in an EMR, then ClinicTracker EHR is a good bet for you. If you are still confused about whether or not you should invest in the software.

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