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TVS motor company is one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheelers and has captured the market across India. Every year more than millions of two-wheeler bikes are sold. If you are investing a huge amount of money buying the vehicle, you always want your bike to be insured. Here is the time where TVS insurance plays a significant role.

In India, choosing to buy two-wheeler insurance is essential. This rule also applies to the TVS bikes. By buying the TVS insurance, you can keep your bike safe from all kinds of damages like collisions, accidents, etc. You have the option to purchase at least third-party TVS bike insurance, but choosing to buy the comprehensive bike insurance policy will cover the damage caused due to a third party or by natural calamities.

Why should you ensure your TVS bike?

If you have a TVS bike, you must get your bike’s insurance under the motor insurance policy. Every bike owner must get insurance as stated in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, as per India’s traffic rules. So as per the vehicles act, valid third party coverage is essential for your TVS bike that will cover the third party liability whenever you face an accident caused by a bike.

Apart from the mandatory act, you should take up the insurance because of the listed reasons.

  • If there is an accident with your bike and the other person is badly hurt or is killed, you will be completely responsible for the financial loss faced by the suffered person or his/her family. Paying the compensation of this loss may empty all your savings. But if you take up the third party policy, it covers the liability you have faced and pays the compensation to the third party on your behalf. Hence it also saves your finances.
  • If any third person’s vehicle is damaged by your bike, then that third person might ask for the damage caused to their bike, which can also give you financial stress. This is where the third part policy supports you in paying for the damage caused.
  • If your bike is stolen, you will be getting into financial loss. However, a comprehensive TVS insurance policy supports you in covering the financial losses and compensates you. For this, you need the coverage to protect your bike against the loss due to the theft.
  • If due to natural calamities or man-made calamities, your bike gets damaged, you will have to take the burden of the repair cost. But if you take up the comprehensive bike insurance policy, you won’t have to pay the repair cost as the insurance company will be liable to pay for the repair cost on your behalf.
  • At last, as per India’s rules, you must take up bike insurance to avoid paying penalties and fines when using the non-insured bike in India.
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What is covered under TVS bike insurance plans?

Things that will be covered under the TVS insurance for two-wheelers are as follows:

  • If any third-party liability suffered because of your bike, an individual got physically wounded, injured, or killed.
  • Theft of the bike
  • If any of the third-person vehicles got damaged because of your bike.
  • Your bike got damaged due to natural calamities such as lightning, earthquakes, landslides, etc.
  • Damage your bike because of the mistake of any third person such as riots, malicious acts, fire, explosion, etc.
  • If your bike gets damaged due to transportation through water, rail, or air, that acts as a mode of transportation.

If you choose to buy the third-party plans, then they will cover only the above two types of contingencies. Moreover, if you choose to purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy, all the mentioned contingencies get covered. However, if you choose to take up the comprehensive and third-party policy, then the personal accident for the owner of the bike will be covered. In this plan, a sum will be paid if the owners or driver were injured in the accident due to the bike.

What is not covered under TVS bike insurance plans?

Both comprehensive policy and third part won’t cover the claims that take place because of the following instances:

  • Consequential losses
  • Committing criminal activities
  • Driving outside India
  • Driving without a license
  • Losses suffered due to depreciation and normal wear and tear
  • War, nuclear perils, and related contingencies

How to renew TVS bike insurance plans?

You will have to get the continued renewal of the TVS insurance policy to avoid legal penalties. You can renew your insurance policy by visiting the insurance company’s online site from where you have purchased the policy. You need to log in to the insurance policy account, key in your policy details, and by paying the premium; your policy will be renewed.