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Exams are a controversial topic among students and teachers alike. For some, they are a nightmare causing unnecessary stress, and for others a way of impartially evaluating the knowledge acquired during the learning of different topics by students.

It is necessary to make clear that the most important thing in education is not the exams, but the education itself. The objective is always to learn and if you learn the exams they become a secondary procedure, which you have to go through, it is true, but if the learning process is correct, the exams do not pose any difficulty for students. For this purpose, exam management software is developed for the assessment of the learning.

When thinking about exams, their preparation, and education we must never confuse the process with the goal. The goal of education is for people to be thoughtful and reflective, to strive for excellence at all times. This objective is evaluated with exams, for this reason, they must be carried out after an educational process. That is, for a proper education, it is important first to receive a complete education and then take the exams to establish the knowledge acquired.

The truth is that exams are not only unavoidable but also have a wide variety of purposes, as we will see.

Reasons why tests are good for you

Exams give you a reason to fight

As catastrophic as it sounds, the truth is that if there were no exams few students would strive to learn. We all need goals that make us aim higher, work harder, and dream big. Exams help us curb our natural instinct to procrastinate, that is, to procrastinate indefinitely. The exams provide us with fixed deadlines that will help us develop our organizational capacities to meet the objectives set by the educational system, in this case.

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Exams test your understanding of a topic

Most students think that to pass an exam it is enough to memorize facts, dates, and figures, and drop everything on the exam to forget it immediately afterward. But the truth is that you need to have a certain understanding of the subject in order to write a convincing and well-structured essay under pressure. Therefore, even if you have the feeling that you are not learning, in reality, during the process of learning and preparing for an exam, knowledge has been acquired and it will remain in your mind.

Exams stimulate your brain

We have so internalized the concept of “test” that the very word causes the neurons in our brain to fire. Knowing a deadline or the actual date of the exam provides an incentive for the mind to absorb more information and in a more efficient way, that is, at a faster rate than normal.

Exams teach you to manage time

Planning for the exam season is crucial and requires the creation of a strict schedule that establishes periods of time that guarantee the exhaustive study of each subject. Undoubtedly, this time management will be a resource that we will use throughout our lives, both professionally and personally.

Exams teach you to manage stress

Knowing that results depend on the ability to function under pressure is enough to make most students despair. Students begin to understand that life is difficult thanks to tests, and learning to overcome this anxiety generated by academic tests and obtain good grades as a reward for that effort is an essential skill for success in life.

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Tests teach you to express thoughts coherently

Being able to write clearly and concisely is essential if you want to stand out in the world we live in. Time constraints force us to quickly organize our thoughts and put them on paper in a logical way.

Exams give you a chance to shine

Instead of thinking of tests as an annoying and negative process, try to change your perspective to see them for what they really are: a platform to stand out. Keep in mind that if you have worked hard during the course, you have no reason to doubt your good results, so enjoy your learning process and take the best exam you can because without a doubt that path will be very useful to achieve a future of success.

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