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Kids grow at different times. They have spurts in which they shoot up, mature, and pick up new skills. Children may go months without a change. Then, overnight, something happens and they’ve added inches. Even harder, not all kiddos do develop at the same time, leaving some parents to question if their kids are lagging.

Certainly, heredity plays a part in determining whether youth become 5 or 6 feet tall. However, is genetics the only factor influencing your children’s growth? Are there other controllable factors that play a significant role? Several environmental and personal choices impact whether children develop at their appropriate time.   Therefore, parents must understand the major influences and how to support their young ones at home.

1. Encourage a Well-Rounded Diet

Many children fight parents about picking a healthy snack or meal. Chocolate chip cookies or sour cream and onion chips appeal far more to youth than an apple and a cheese stick. A Healthline article emphasizes that bone strength centers on several vitamins, including magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D.  Eating more isn’t going to change the genetic outcome of an individual.

Kids need to eat well to support the body’s systems, like the bones. They need to eat a balanced diet to reach their potential. However, the cookies and chips don’t deliver. Instead, they need to consume dairy, vegetables, lean protein, and beans. Stock the fridge with various selections, and plan out meals. What about those pesky picky eaters? Provide additional support with multivitamins for adults.

2. Establish Proper Sleep Habits

When your phone battery runs low, you plug it in, giving it a chance to share for the next day. Otherwise, you’re out of luck and out of contact with others. Sleep is essential; it’s your body’s recharge setting. After a long day out, your kids are wiped. Their little bodies need the time to shut down and prepare for another morning.

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However, some kiddos don’t sleep well. They’re restless or wake up constantly throughout the night. These behaviors prevent the mind and systems from healing and working correctly. Nemours TeensHealth notes that growth hormone is released at night during the sleep cycle. If it’s cut short, so too is the hormonal production.

Work with youth on how to wind down properly. Set clear and firm bedtimes. Turn off the electronics at least an hour before that time. Use that time to read, play a board game, pick up around the house or shower.

3. Promote Regular Exercise

Most people recognize that working out impacts the body’s weight and general health. But does it contribute to your growth? The negative impact of remaining stagnant could deter children’s appropriate development. Youth who eat poorly and sit around for most of the day are more likely to become obese and suffer from childhood illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental illness. These may interfere with the body’s function, including proper growth.

Michigan State University recommends that children two or older exercise for at least 60 minutes a day. In addition, the website discusses the need for muscle development for proper bone growth. The body may continue along its genetic path by working out the muscles. Much of the body’s changes happen in the later teen years. Starting activeness early in life lays the necessary groundwork.

Get your loved ones outdoors and move around regularly. Set a time to be outside with friends. Let them explore playgrounds and trails.  Find something that they love, whether it’s dance, sports, or track. These activities encourage heart health and proper body tone. A well-supported system may promote better growth.

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Your kiddos’ heights could be influenced by more than their genes. Consider several contributing factors if you’re interested in helping your loved ones grow to their physical potential. Ensure they eat well, particularly getting their bone health nutrients. Enjoy good nights of sleep, and keep moving. These regular habits work with the body to stay tuned and function well.

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