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Packaging is a way to secure your products whatever it includes. It is mainly used to store and strengthen your goods in a best possible way so, the packaging according to the requirement of products is a must. Companies devote a huge amount of money on packaging materials to keep their goods alive. Alibaba is an online wholesale suppliers and they tend to make their packaging of high quality to send it to one place to another without getting the products broken. Good quality of packaging requires suitable material to meet the needs of products and to make it long-lasting. It is vibrant that packaging plays a major role in a product’s apparent value, and the packaging industry as a whole has not really changed that much over the past few years compared to the continuous advances in portable technology. With all the packaging options accessible in today’s market, selecting the most suitable packaging option for your goods also becomes tough. Day-to-day, packaging industries are introducing some prodigious and inimitable boxes that are highly sustainable and environment friendly. Let’s have a look at five of the most packaging materials you may use to enhance your product capacity:


For industries around the world, paperboard is used in both major and minor packaging’s. Paper is used for the production of a wide range of thinner packaging products which involves Kraft paper, paper bags, labels etc. Paperboard is abundant than normal paper material and is more resilient. It is most commonly used in primary packaging. Paperboard is used for making cartons of cereal boxes, boxes of frozen foods etc. Paperboard provides a little more protection for the product than some other light material papers. Paperboards can be easily customized according to the needs which makes it more accurate. Precisely, it is made from woods or from papers that are recycled and then bleached. Bleached paperboards are used for packing both strong and light stuff like cosmetics, juices, medicines etc. while, Kraft’s that are unbleached are preferred by those who wanted to consume eco-friendly papers and can also be used for same packaging applications. Kraft seem to be less resistant in keeping food products. Moreover, paperboard is economical and its packaging appears to be high-end. Paperboard cartons are highly used and acceptable in almost all industries even to store plastic made products, glass products, steel products etc.

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Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are used to make the big boxes for shipping and storage purposes. What many people don’t know is that corrugated boxes often come in various forms, contingent on the box’s sturdiness and strength. It is quite easy to identify the corrugated material, and it can be determined through its corrugated medium. It is composed of 3 layers of paper outside, inside and a corrugated medium also known as fluting. The corrugated medium that gives it strength and stiffness. Recycled paper is the raw material used to create the corrugated boards, built on massive and high accuracy machines known as corrugators. There are various types of corrugated boxes:

  • Single-faced box

The single-faced box has merely one-liner and one medium. This box is the safest way to cover items during the distribution process, as it is used to tie things up.

  • Single-wall boxes

These boxes have two liner sheets and a single medium layer. This box is often used since these boxes are used by the brand owners to distribute their food or other products. Easily carry all kinds of items in these boxes.

  • Double-wall boxes

Double-wall boxes have three liner sheets, and two medium sheets. It is often used to transport the heavy stuff, since they have more power and strength to hold the heavyweight. You can easily locate such boxes on the market.

  • Triple-wall boxes

These boxes are rendered by using 3 sheets of medium and 4 sheets of liners. Thicker than the other boxes, these boxes are used to carry heavy items such as electrical appliances and furniture etc.

They can be used to create packaging with varying features like consistency and power. To develop corrugated packaging, the board is split and assembled to various sizes and shapes. Other corrugated board packaging uses include supermarket packaging, packaging for small consumer products and so on. Because of the stability and quality of items packed in corrugated boxes, they are widely used and recommended in industries. Why corrugated boxes are easily acceptable in the market? They are highly demanded for specific purposes such as packing, putting the trash, promotional purposes and hence can be reused again and again.

Plastic boxes

Plastic is used for a wide variety of items and in different dealings from bags to boxes. A variety of conventional materials have now been exchanged with plastic, such as wood, leather, glass, ceramic etc. Plastic product packaging has many benefits of which it can be stored and in general it is far more robust than paperboard boxes. Airtight product containers packaging can help to improve the food quality and prevent any contamination problems. Plastic packaging doesn’t crack easily and can be kept under severe conditions. Industries and consumers both are using plastic excessively in their daily lives. One of the key causes that plastic is a resolute part of the packaging industry is that modern technology helps plastic to be sustainable and somehow climate friendly that consumers love. Plastic storage containers are one the best ways to keep the clothing stuff either at home or businesses. It has several advantages as it helps to prevent clothes from dirt. Plastic containers are usually large in size but can be customized. Plastic containers allows you to retrieve your goods easily without searching everywhere.

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Plastic is very cost-effective and flexible and can be used for both showcasing and storing purposes. Plastic containers appear to be among the most reliable ways of storing, processing, and shipping objects that you own or make. Sports equipment, tools, cleaning supplies, files, industrial goods, accessories and many more are all those things that can be kept in plastic to store for long term and avert the items from being muddy.


Cardboards usually refers to dense paper stock or hard paper pulp. One can see this kind of packaging used for cereal boxes or greeting cards. Corrugated and Cardboard boxes are often interchangeably used but both possess different kind of material. Cardboards are mainly used to pack the consumer goods rather than heavy storage. Cardboard boxes are industrial applications boxes, used essentially for storing products and services, and can be recycled. Professionals in manufacturing industries often use the word cardboard because it does not represent a particular substance. In the retail market, the cardboard box was able to conquer the fight over the wooden case, being the safe and shipping container for mass consumer goods. Evidence of this is the amount of items packaged or filled with cardboard that run through our eyes every day. Recycled cardboard does not reduce consistency or strength. After processing, cardboards do not get damage or lost its properties.

For companies of any scale, you need to ensure that the goods are well covered. You not only need to be sure that products have large packaging to avoid damages, but there are still lots of other factors to consider. Packaging factors that you might consider includes its ecological nature, appealing firmness, rationality and ease of transport and cardboards fulfill these requirements. Cardboard is an incredibly viable choice for companies of any scale relative to many other packaging materials. Cardboard is known to be especially inexpensive compared to other costly packaging options.

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Rigid boxes

A rigid box is formed of a heavily packed paperboard that is four times heavier than the paperboard used for the creation of a regular folding carton. The simplest real-world example of rigid boxes is the boxes that carry mobiles which are two-piece rigid boxes.

Particularly in comparison to paperboard and corrugated boxes, rigid boxes are undoubtedly one of the costly packaging types. Their existence also allows them a larger rate of shipping, which quickly incurs larger freight costs. These rigid boxes are luxurious and are generally used to carry jewelry, technology, cosmetics and stuff like that. The high-quality structure of durable boxes enables a range of materials and techniques to be created without falling or compromising tensile strength. Rigid boxed packaging is also used for distribution and sale in department stores almost everywhere. Rigid boxes can be personalized according to your demand and size of your products.

It is evident from the name “rigid boxes”, that they are robust and more durable in nature and can be placed anywhere safely. Visually elegant and structurally efficient, rigid boxes express a feeling of sophistication, comfort, beauty and efficiency and are suitable for smaller, high-end products like jewelry, perfumes etc. Many buyers still retain and reuse rigid boxes well even after a long time, thereby makes the brand accepted and recognized. Customized rigid boxes are among the most famous presents that people buy on special occasions to pack their gifts even for far ones.

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