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Being overweight is just as much a problem as having sick or broken health. Extra slim or slim does not mean beauty, but beauty lies in being in the middle of the ideal weight according to one’s body shape. The appearance of a sick or “underweight” person loses its natural beauty. The pressure is broken, the ink falls on the corners of the eyes, there is no enthusiasm for work or you feel very tired all the time. The skinny human body is not formed properly or does not adapt properly with age. As a result, they suffer from a severe inferiority complex. But in most cases, it can be seen that with a little effort you can gain weight.

There are two ways to gain weight. You can increase body fat levels by eating junk food and unhealthy foods. It’s okay to be fat, but it’s not healthy. And this is certainly not what we want. But what to do then? If you are tired of trying all you can to gain weight and get a well-formed body, then these tips will come in handy. Try to follow the rules, you will soon see the change in yourself.

Eat when you feel hungry:

Keep with easily portable food when outdoors. When planning your work for the whole day, decide what kind of snacks you will take with you. Never be in a situation where you are hungry but you don’t have food with you. You can keep any seasonal fruits, juice, packaged cheese and crackers, and any kind of nuts, etc. as quick snacks. You need to eat every 3-4 hours, if you are not hungry, try to eat a little.

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Do not exclude workouts

Follow the bodybuilding chest workout routine and never escape regular workouts. We don’t even realize how big a loss it is. Excluding a workout will never get it back. Suppose you have skipped 20 workouts in 1 year. You will always be behind these 20 workouts. These 20 workouts you can’t even add to the next exercise. Then it will become over the train. So skipping a workout leaves you permanently behind, which you will never get back.

Drink calories:

Drink high-calorie drinks. Choose fruit juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and products that are high in calories. Drink juice or low-fat milk with your main meal. Drink smoothie or milkshake before going to bed at night.

Never skip breakfast:

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. For those who want to gain weight, this is a good opportunity to consume calories. If you skip breakfast, you will be deprived of about 400 calories! If you consume 400-500 calories for breakfast every day, you will be able to gain about 3 pounds at the end of the month.

Sleep well

The real improvement is not at the gym, but at rest. That means go to the gym, work hard then go to bed. Anil says, “Depending on the amount of sleep you get and the exact amount of testosterone you are producing, how your muscles are being repaired and how your pounds are increasing. Yes, we find ourselves back at bedtime. So you sleep regularly for 8 hours.

Eat nutritious food

You need to increase the amount of food you eat more than you normally would. “Every hour you need to eat something, increase the number of calories you eat and reduce the amount of healthy food you eat at the end of your workout,” said Anil. You eat more calorie-rich food than ever before. Peanut butter and avocado help provide more fat and calories.

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Exercise with pressure in certain months

The main goal of any workout exercise is to use specific muscles, to awaken the inner muscle fibers with pressure. If you can do this, you will build muscle. By exercising with pressure on a particular muscle, you will be able to use every part of the muscle, speed up the internal blood supply and as a result, you will get nice and big muscles.


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