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Before exploring the differences between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, it is important to reflect on WhatsApp, the most convenient cross-platform IM application.

Instant messaging is the most popular way by which people communicate with each other. They are much more convenient than email and even phone calls. Apart from that, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications which people around the world are using on a daily basis. WhatsApp changed the game in instant messaging since its inception in January 2009. As a communication application, WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, videos, pictures and you can also make voice and video calls.

When you use WhatsApp, you don’t have to buy new SMS packages or get extra calling minutes. You can download cross-platform applications for free. Registering on WhatsApp doesn’t even require additional fees, all it takes is an active internet connection.

GBWhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus: What Should You Choose - Tech Life

Another advantage of WhatsApp MOD

1. WhatsApp allows users to import contacts from the phone’s address book and users do not need to add contacts individually. WhatsApp automatically detects which of your contacts is already using WhatsApp and adds them to WhatsApp contacts.

2. With WhatsApp communicating with your near and dear ones is easy. You can send your loved ones; text message, picture, record video or audio, phone call and you can also send your location to people.

3. Group chat feature on WhatsApp to send messages to 100 people at once. This feature is very useful for groups of friends and business teams to communicate with each other.

4. With WhatsApp MOD, you can easily search for the message you are looking for.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Whatsapp GB is completely different from conventional WhatsApp, it is an advanced version, and you can easily find it as an apk file on the web. It has been removed from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store as well. Because it is very advanced, it has many additional features. GBWhatsapp Plus and OGWhatsapp are also available If you want you can download their APK from the linked article.

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Most of the time it is not recommended to download and use this version / MOD of WhatsApp as Gbmods is developing it. For most people, MOD is, and this is the reason why people who like to customize their cellphone User Interface use GBWhatsApp, but the downside of GBWhatsApp is that there are privacy issues with MODS such as GBWhatsApp which can be downloaded via the EzTekno site and other WA MODs.

GBWhatsApp features

1. With GBWhatsApp you can download themes. You can also create your own theme and get the theme approved by the developer.

2. You can send videos up to 50 MB. In GBWhatsApp, the audio file upload limit is 100 MB, and the best thing about GBWhatsApp is that you can also send high quality images with the original resolution.

3. You can also improve the media quality when you upload the desired media files in your status.

4. You can lock the chat thread for extra security and disable the voice call feature if you don’t want it.

5. Two-factor authentication in GBWhatsApp works like real WhatsApp.
Cons of GBWhatsApp:

Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp

1. The possibility of getting banned

The thing that is most worrying about GBWhatsApp is the danger of being blocked. Back in 2015, GBWhatsApp was banned. The Original WhatsApp policy might be a little relaxed as far as these MOD users are concerned, but there is always the possibility of getting banned.

2.No Automatic Updates –

This is a very important scammer because GBWhatsApp does not update by itself. You will have to keep an eye on future versions to use it.

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What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus appeared a few years ago a large amount of immobility was established in the world of Instant Messaging. When WhatsApp plus appeared, IM fans thought it was a premium version of the conventional WhatsApp, but over time, people started getting suspicious of the Instant Messaging app.

WhatsApp Plus is a perfect replica of the original WhatsApp. The only difference between WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp is the color of the icon which is blue. This application was developed by a developer who came from Spain named Rafalete in 2012.

WhatsApp Plus features

1. WhatsApp Plus comes with the ability to add themes that are almost the same as GBWhatsApp. On WhatsApp plus you can quickly change the theme according to your needs. There are more than 700 themes on WhatsApp Plus.

2. Another feature that makes WhatsApp Plus profitable is the addition of new themes. WhatsApp Plus also includes the Hangouts smiley Google Instant Message app. However, this emoji can only be seen by people who also use WhatsApp plus.

3. In WhatsApp Plus you can edit the file sharing options. You can change the size limit for files sent from 2MB to 50MB. There is also an option to maintain the quality and size of the images and videos.

4. You can also edit the color, header and size of the chat thread. If you want to change the size and header of your contact picture, then WhatsApp Plus is the ideal choice.

5. Are you tired of receiving voice notes? Then you can turn off voice notes completely along with animations.
Cons of WhatsApp Plus:

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6. With WhatsApp Plus you will be left out because you will not receive any updates. WhatsApp Plus developers left the project to work on Telegram, so there’s a good chance you won’t receive important updates.

7. Use of data, using MODS allows one to get communication with third party developers and third party developers in the Open Source industry is not reliable.

GBWhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus


  • OS: GBWhatsApp supports Android and iOS operating systems, but you must jailbreak your iOS device to use GBWhatsApp
  • Legal: No GBWhatsApp is the MOD of the original WhatsApp
  • Image size: You can send the original size of the image. GBWhatsApp does not compress image resolutions and sizes
  • Developer: The GBMods developers have modified WhatsApp and turned on the customizable GBWhatSapp
  • Ban: GBWhatsApp has not been banned until now. But it is unknown how long GBWhatsApp will last

WhatsApp Plus

  • OS: WhatsApp Plus also supports iOS and Android Operating systems, but you have to jailbreak your iOS device, or you can also install a tweak box to run WhatsApp Plus, but you have to repeatedly tweak your iPhone every 7 days to use WhatsApp Plus.
  • Legal: WhatsApp Plus sounds like the premium version, but careful observation has led to the conclusion that it is illegal
  • Image size: You increase the resolution and quality of a photo before sending it.
  • Developer: Spanish Developer Name Rafalense developed WhatsApp Plus
  • Ban: A series of blocks occurred on WhatsApp Plus in 2014 to 2015 and then the creators left the project.

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