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Facebook is one of the widely used social networking sites that play an important role in around 2 billion people’s lives. They use Facebook to meet their communication needs and to share about their day-to-day happenings, about their business, and about your ideas, etc. Thus, has enforced its rules and regulations more strictly to ensure the safety and security of all the users that hold an account on the platform by introducing the concept of Facebook Jail.’

Facebook Jail is a kind of virtual punishment given to Facebook users by disabling or blocking their accounts for violating Facebook rules, regulations, terms of service, and community as well as posting guidelines. However, sometimes, Facebook users find themselves in Facebook Jail, without even knowing the specific reasons for getting blocked.

So, to be precise, Facebook forbidden the user’s ability or power to perform any activity such as posting and commenting on the platform if he/she either knowingly or unknowingly engaged in the following offenses—

  • Posting copyright-protected content on Facebook.
  • Running more than one Facebook accounts on the particular name
  • Uploading any inappropriate material on the Facebook platform.
  • Buying fake likes on the uploaded/posted content.
  • Sending unnecessarily too many friend requests to unknown Facebook users
  • Promoting product, service, or business on other user’s pages.
  • And, last but not least misbehaving or threatening other Facebook users.

Based on these aforementioned offenses, Facebook can block you either for a few hours, 3 Days, 6 Days, for a week or, permanently. Basically, for how long Facebook can keep you in Facebook Jail if you commit any of the above-listed offenses will depend on the nature of rule or regulation that you’ve violated. In general, Facebook gives you punishment on three levels, and they are as follows:

  1. The highest level of Punishment- This highest-level of virtual punishment means the complete suspension of your Facebook account.
  2. The middle level of Punishment- This middle-level virtual punishment denotes that you can use your Facebook account but only after the suspension of some specific features of Facebook.
  3. The lowest level of Punishment- This lowest-level of virtual punishment indicates that you‘re blocked temporarily the period of your temporary Facebook Jail will expire soon i.e., within a week.
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However, do not worry about Facebook Jail as luckily there are various essential tips available out there to save you from getting in Facebook Jail. So, if you practice the following below-mentioned tips regularly while using Facebook, then no one can lend you in Facebook Jail.

  • Never post images, text, and links that are subject to copyright on Facebook.
  • Never post offensive or inappropriate content related to drug sales, pornography, weapons, and nudity on Facebook platform.
  • Avoid engaging in hate speech and misbehaving with anyone on Facebook.
  • Never spam and involve yourself in spamming activities on Facebook
  • Avoid tagging unknown users on Facebook unnecessarily.
  • Also, avoid posting content too rapidly on Facebook.

Along with following these essential tips, also not to forget about reading Facebook’s T&C to understand how it works and how you can benefit from the various features of Facebook. 

However, even after that, if you find yourself in Facebook Jail then, what best you can do to get out of Facebook Jail is contact the Facebook team to appeal them for removing your block restriction and to do so; perform these steps accordingly:

  • To begin, open your preferred web browser and navigate from your browser’s homepage to ‘My Facebook Account has been Disabled Page.’
  • On the aforementioned page, click on the option of ‘Submit an appeal if your account was disabled by mistake.’
  • As soon as you click on it, an appeal form will pops-up in front of you, and then, all you have to do is fill the available blank form with all the necessary details that are associated with your Facebook account like your “Facebook Username, Email Address, and your registered Phone Number, etc.”
  • Once you’re done entering the details, move on to provide a proof of your identity and for that, upload a picture of yours by following these 3 additional steps—
      • Click on the option of ‘Choose Files.’ 
      • Choose one of your ‘Photo’ from the photo gallery &
      • Click on the option of ‘Open’ to finally upload the photo as your identity proof.
  • Now, last but not the least, click on the ‘Send’ button which is there at the bottom of the page in order to submit the completely filled appeal form to Facebook.
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That’s it! Once you’ve sent the appeal form for recovering your temporarily blocked/disabled Facebook account, wait till the time ‘Facebook team’ will send you a notification allowing you to access your Facebook account back. So, this is all about how you’ll be able to get out of Facebook jail easily.

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