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Aren’t you bored of giving those old fashioned and ordinary gifts for Rosh Hashana to your family? This Rosh Hashanah 2020, give your family and loved ones something unique and special that will make them super happy.  

A grooming Rosh Hashanah gift basket would be a perfect present. But what grooming products should you include in your kit? You don’t have to fill your kit with so many products.

Here are some top organic products to choose from: 

Natural Bathing Bar Soap

Obviously, you cannot miss putting a body soap bar in a grooming kit. As there are many different body soap bars for both men and women, it’s a tricky job to choose from such large varieties. We recommend you to go with organic and natural body bars that can be used by both men and women. 

Here are some natural bathing bars that are in trend these days: citrus flower castile soap, natural olive oil soaps, jojoba Castile exfoliating soap and Castile carbon black soap for face and body. Pick anyone; all of them are excellent bathing bars and will make your grooming kit more attractive.

Body Oil

A grooming kit is incomplete without a body oil. Just like other grooming products, body oil also comes in various flavours and types. There are two types of products – a chemical made and natural. In this case, you should definitely not prefer the chemical made body oil. Although organic body oil is a bit costly, its health benefits return you the true value of money spent. 

Rosh Hashanah is a very special day, make it memorable by giving organic body oil like patchouli vanilla body oil. With the goodness of vanilla and lavender, this body oil is perfect for making your skin healthy and fair.

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Bath Salt Patchouli Vanilla

Sensual Bath Salt Patchouli Vanilla is a perfect choice for bath salts that you must include in your grooming kit. This bathing salt will make the bathing experience more relaxing and pleasant. This product is made from 100 % organic dead sea salts and patchouli essential oil that is excellent for your skin and will turn your bathing into a long-lasting pleasure. 

Hand Cream

After a pleasurable bath using the above products, it’s time to moisturise your hands. This Hand Cream is made from hand-picked lavender flowers and organic ingredients that are lab tested. Make your hands shiny and smooth with this amazing hand cream. 

Replace your old-sticky hand cream with this fabulous, non-sticky and premium quality natural hand vanilla cream. For better results, use it twice a day or after every bath. 

Vanilla Patchouli Liquid Body Soap

If you don’t want to include a body soap bar in your grooming kit, go with this great liquid body soap. The vanilla essence, when combined with the Patchouli, makes your bath more healthy and delightful. This product will increase the grace of your Rosh Hashanah gift basket. 

You’ll be happy to know that The Lavender Natural Cosmetic online store is selling different varieties of grooming kits. And most importantly, you’ll find all of these products in their special “A Gift Set For The Family” pack. Place your order now, and get a chance to avail some exciting offers. 

Final words

These were some most necessary grooming products that must be there inside your grooming kit. If you like reading this blog, then don’t forget to share it. Do tell us your shopping experience of  gifts for Rosh Hashana in the comment section below. We will be glad to know. May this Rosh Hashanah bring you all the love and happiness you deserve. Have a happy and safe new year!

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