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Buyback industry is taking the American buy, sell, and trade marketplace by the storm. Where most business models based on physical presence are struggling to get customers in post-covid world, this digital-based marketplace is thriving and getting more customers every day. Is it because of the online presence? No, not exactly. The reason the buyback industry is dominating other business models is due to its seamless process, transparency, and efficient means. Gizmogo is one such buyback company that started first in California and quickly grasped the local market. If you are in California, this is the company you should visit to sell your electronic gadgets.

Gizmogo, founded in 2019, is a California-based buyback e-commerce business. The company deals in buying used laptops, smartphones, video game consoles, cameras, and more from its customers. Their process involves two-stage method, and after a device gets clearance from both the stages, Gizmogo release the payment to their clientele. This is one of the many reasons why the company grew in popularity inside the California. Now, Gizmogo is looking to expand its network outside to other states in the United States.

The beneficiaries of Gizmogo’s services are the people who every once in a while in a year like to sell their old gadgets to upgrade to a new version. Since many tech companies have the habit of releasing a modern version of their devices on an annual basis, the urge to buy them and sell the older model plays a vital role in thriving the buyback industry. Gizmogo gives easy access to sell an electronic device, get a handsome amount in return, and invest in a new one.

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Of course, online and physical marketplaces offer similar services. However, as mentioned earlier, Gizmogo’s seamless transition in selling the device and receiving the cash makes it a dominant player in the market. This is where the old-school brick-and-mortar-based business models lack behind. Their accessibility to a pool of potential customers is limited. Especially in the post-covid-world, not many people visit in person the shops or other marketplaces to sell their devices. They rely on online platforms and that is where Gizmogo comes in and sweeps away a wider pool of customers from brick and mortar businesses to its online only platform.

When Gizmogo put its professional approach into the buyback industry, not many competitors covered the logistics charges. That changed when the company shifted gears and recognized a potential to capture clientele interests by offering them a free-shipping service. Gizmogo started paying for the logistics, and it instantly became a game changer move in the buyback industry.

So, how do you sell your device to Gizmogo? It is straight-up a simple, easy and seamless process. All you need to do is visit the company’s online website and start mentioning your electronic gadget’s physical and performance condition and functionality. After submitting your selling request, Gizmogo will ask you to ship the device so that a thorough inspection can be conducted. That is where you get to send the device for free.

After the device reaches Gizmogo’s shores, the field staff makes sure that the description you mentioned online matches precisely the current state of the device as well. If it does, Gizmogo will release the amount in the next 24 hours. If it doesnot, the company would send you an update quote. After you agree on the amount mentioned in the reviced quote, Gizmogo will send the payment.


Gizmogo is not only leading the competition because it is spearheading the business model with a customer-centric approach. There is more to why and how this three-year-old buyback company is championing the buyback industry.

For starters, Gizmogo is also working on reducing e-waste. The company is putting this initiative into effect by buying broken and defunct devices from customers. The out-of-order device then goes through the dismantling stage. In this stage, the essential and working components lying inside the device are scrapped out. These essential silicon-based components are sold to the tech companies who make these devices in the first place. This is how Gizmogo is making the profit and reducing the burden on the environment as well.

From the humble beginning in 2019, the company achieved great success over the course of three years. There is no parallel to Gizmogo in the buyback industry. With this professional approach and plans to lead their network outside California, a widespread web of networks awaits the company. Suppose Gizmogo continues to push boundaries, provide more customer-centric services, and kept thinking out of the box. There is no stopping the company from becoming one of the top buyback businesses in the near future.

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