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Sometimes there is nothing like the “good old tech” for satisfactory solutions. This is applicable for call center solutions for which the Asterisk platform is just perfect. However, Asterisk, the fine open source platform, faces competition from glitzy competitors like Freeswitch and proprietary platform from the likes of 3CX and Cisco. What is the point of complicating call center life if something like Asterisk is more than good enough to develop excellent contact center solutions? Provided, of course, that experts take care of development.

Handle high concurrent calls and traffic

Earlier versions of Asterisk had drawbacks in handling high number of concurrent calls but this has been improved in the current iteration.

Call distribution

Asterisk includes automatic call distribution and skill based mapping – two vital features in call center solutions that ease life for agents and contribute to better customer service. The basic algorithm can be modified with a touch of AI to make call distribution smarter and more efficient by improving the queue strategy and automating it with custom configuration when needed.


Dialers are lifelines for outbound campaign part of contact center solutions. Here too, Asterisk scores by offering design capability for progressive, predictive, power and preview dialers plus integration into CRM.

IVRs, gateways, servers

Asterisk is not limited to IPPBX apps; it can be a solid base for gateways and servers in call center operations making for a fluid operating environment where you can fine tune resources and make do with less expensive hardware infrastructure and yet experience performance gains.

Life is easier for agents

With the variety of dialers and automatic call distributors you can distribute work loads. Even better, you can make use of the computer telephony integration and CRM integration to create popups on screen to display relevant data of customer being called. Agents find it easier to work, deliver better customer satisfaction and increase productivity translating to profits for call centers.

Low cost, fast custom development

One of the best advantages of opting for open source Asterisk is that it has been around longer compared to others and Asterisk based developers have quite a few ready to use modules that can be mixed and matched as well as optimized to suit your specific usage. This means fast development, fewer bugs and low cost. You can start with a single server and then, as business grows, cluster servers.

Live monitoring, recording, analytics

It is easy for Asterisk developers to incorporate reports, call recording and monitoring into Asterisk based call center solutions. You have information at your fingertips and live monitoring of all that is going on, with supervisors being able to jump into a conversation at any time.

The primary objective of call centers is to have a smooth, streamlined call center solution that gets the job done. Asterisk delivers and at a low cost with options for future optimization, custom inclusion or additions such as including WebRTC at any time.

Choose Asterisk based call center solutions. They still stand up to anything you throw at them and take on the big boys at a fraction of the price.

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