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Ghaziabad is part of National Capital Region of Delhi, largest city of the western Uttar Pradesh state with a population estimate of around 18,00,000. The city is well developed and connected to the capital and is the hub of colleges offering engineering, medical, commerce and skill-based programmes like Hotel Management, Aviation, Event Management, Designing.

The Cost of food and lodging is quite cheaper in Ghaziabad as compared to Delhi and offers an almost equal standard of living.

Hotel Management is a skill-based programme offered through short term Diploma, mostly 1 Year to long term Degree, mostly three years in India. Students who have just completed their 10+2 standard shall apply for Degree in Hotel Management programme. Whereas graduates in other disciplines shall apply for either Diploma in Hotel Management or Masters in Hotel Management, depending on their need and time management.

Degree in Hotel Management has become very popular in the last five years in Delhi NCR as a skill-based degree programme at the graduation level, crossing orthodox courses like engineering, medical, commerce, arts, etc. Under the skill-based programme, students get to learn both in the classroom and industry, giving right exposure and real-time experience to the students.

Under Degree in Hotel Management, the first year is more dedicated towards theory and creating a strong foundation of hospitality in the students, the students are exposed to food production, service, housekeeping and front office department practical, usually within the campus of the college. In the second year, the students are exposed to the industry and required to undergo six months of Industrial Training in a star property where they are trained in all the four departments of the hotel. The idea behind Industrial Training is that the students are able to select the department for further progression. In the third year, a student goes for 3-6 months of On-Job-Training, which is dedicated training in their selected department.

There are various hotel management institutes in Ghaziabad city offering Diploma and Degree programme in Hotel Management, though while selecting the right college for you, you must consider the following points:

  1. Age of the Institute/ College: The college must be old enough to provide you with a proven track record of its education delivery and placement record

  2. Promoting Body: Ensure that promoters must have a background in the hospitality industry which can be a boost in industrial linkages of the college.

  3. Placement Body: Most of the government colleges do not have placement body, and this is where private institutes are placed above them as the focus is more on the overall development of the student, further resulting in better placement offers both within the country and abroad

  4. Teaching Pedagogy: The curriculum is all the more important, these days, private institutions understanding the industry requirement, not only focus on a degree but also looks into personality development, grooming, communication classes to provide an extra edge to their students when compared to hotel management graduates from government colleges.

  5. Fee structure: Always ensure that the fee should not be too high. It should suit your paying capacity. Usually, it will be your dedication and hard work in the industry that will take you ahead. A lot of hotel management institutes these days have started charging a very high fee on the name of international certification, which may or may not have an impact on your career growth and prospects.



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