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Are you tired of the buzzing of the bees or mosquitos in your ear? If yes, then you must be searching for ways to get rid of them instantly. You must have tried many things such as repellents and sprays, and not a single one turned out to be effective. 


Every season invites a different variety of insects, such as bees in summers, grasshoppers during the monsoon, and mosquitos in the winters. Living in Pakistan allows you to enjoy all the weather, but at the same time, you have to bear the consequences that come along with them. 

In a country like Pakistan, where garbage is gathered on the road, and the drains begin to overflow, insects could turn out to be far more dangerous here than in any other country. These insects are one of the reasons why Pakistan faces such a high toll of Malaria, Diarrhea, Dangui, and some other serious diseases and viruses. It is the duty of the government to resolve these issues, but it is a time-consuming process and you cannot just sit back and wait for the insects to disappear. You should start looking for some effective options around you.


After trying out all the available options, you must be feeling exhausted as finding a good solution might not be that easy. However, there is a perfect solution for it. There are some options available in the market that you might be missing out mainly because these options are totally different from the traditional insect killers in Pakistan. Thanks to the technological developments and innovation, now you can find electric insect killers easily available in the markets. You might have seen these electronic insect killers but did not recognize it as an insect killer due to its shape and style. As per the reviews, it really works like magic. 

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You might be wondering how an electric insect killer helps you in getting rid of the annoying insects? You might be reluctant to directly go and purchase an electric insect killer without knowing its mechanism, it is human nature. 


How does an electronic insect killer operate?

So, basically, this is how the mechanism of an electric insect killer works. It consists of a bulb that has ultraviolet rays in it, it is usually blue-ish purple in color, and this color and light enable it to attract the insects towards itself. This bulb is further surrounded by wires, usually, in gridded lines, these are not just simple wires, but these are high voltage electrical wires that are powerful in killing and electrocuting the insects. The bulb and the wires are further caged in a plastic or a grounded metal box so that you, your 

family and your kids do not get harmed from its strong rays and high voltage wires. 


How does the circuit gets completed?

When the insects see the UV rays, and they travel towards the bulb, once they cross the wire cage their bodies complete the circuit with the metallic wire, and therefore, it generates a high voltage current that results in killing the insects. Then, you get to hear a zipping sound, which is due to the completion of the circuit.


Why are the UV rays successful in attracting the insects?

These electric insect killers usually have fluorescent colored UV lights that are a good source for attracting insects. One interesting fact about the insects and the UV light is that when an insect sees a flower, it sees it in a UV light.


You do not have to worry about your little kids when you are planning to get an electronic insect killer. It only kills the insects and is not harmful to human beings. 


Some advantages 

There are some clear advantages that you could avail from an electric insect killer, as compared to the traditional modes of killing the insects.


Firstly, it doesn’t create any form of smoke that is harmful to you or your family. All it does is creates a sound. There might be some of your family members who are struggling with breathing issues such as asthma, and the smoke that is generated by the coils could cause great discomfort for those people in your family. 

The second advantage of getting an electric insect killer is that it is just a one-time investment and you would not be required to repurchase the coils, mats, or the liquids as all the other options that are available in the market require you to have a recurring cost, therefore, it is easy on your pocket in the longer term. 


Another benefit of getting an electrical insect killer is that you would not have to light it up with fire or spray it, which could be dangerous for you and your family, you might have to just turn on a button. 


The best advantage is that you do not have to necessarily visit the market during the widespread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID’19), just to get an electric insect killer as you could simply order one online while staying within your comfort zone. You could find some good websites that are offering good quality electronic insect killers.

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Every person wants to protect their family from disease and insects. For doing, so you must make a list of all the available options, compare the products, and then arrive at a conclusion. You can visit E-lite PK to see the variety of insect killers.

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