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Using a car has lots of benefits and advantages. But to maintain these benefits, one must take good care of the car. And there is only one simple way to do that. It is following the instructions strictly that has been imparted to you by the manufacturer of the car itself, through the owner’s manual that will come with the car, when you purchase it. A senior auto mechanic who offers Kimberly oil change service explained in detail what can go wrong if we miss an oil changing schedule for our cars.

Loss of Lubrication

The first things that happens to your car mechanism, once you skip a scheduled oil change, is loss of lubrication. It is a known fact that every vehicle needs to have a fresh lease of engine oil after crossing a certain amount of distance. It is so because after traveling for a certain time and crossing several miles of distance, the engine oil eventually evaporates, dries up and gets contaminated. As a result, all the components present inside the engine compartment face a loss of lubrication that results in overheating the engine.

What Exactly Happens Inside

Within the timespan of traveling a certain amount of distance, the engine oil filter gathers substantial amount of dust and debris, because of which it starts losing its efficiency to hold back any more of dust and debris, to protect the oil reservoir. This makes the engine oil compartment get contaminated since the dust and debris start entering the reservoir. All this lead to a loss of purity in the engine oil because of which it loses its original viscosity and fails to flow smoothly between the different components of the engine that reside very close to each other, and in many cases touching each other. Without the protective barrier of the engine oil, these components tend to get into a friction that creates heat in the engine chamber. Hence the engine gets overheated and loses its performance ability.

What Harm Can the Contaminated Oil and Filter Cause to a Car

If the engine compartment gets overheated due to the lack of lubrication, all the components that compose the engine will start getting damaged one by one and lose their efficiency to work in tune with each other. This can harm the engine by large and it can eventually stop working. An overheated engine can also spoil the spark plug, the ignition system as well as the exhaust system. So, without an oil change in its due time, all these departments of your car will start getting damaged and can even prevent the engine from getting started.

Forgetting Once Can Lead to Another

We might think, what could go wrong if we once forget or miss out the oil changing schedule as directed by the manufacturer? Of course, there can be no such big harm if we once forget. But we also know it well in our minds, that forgetting once can lead to forgetting the same many times, and this is a kind of mental blockage that will be hard to overcome. So the mechanics of the center for oil change service in Kimberly suggest not to commit this mistake from the day one. Only then the health of your car can be well assured.


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